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Anxiety and dizziness


I have been suffering with anxiety for a few years now ,and diagonosed with GAD,and health anxiety. I was ok until February when I had a bad chest infection,and it has left with dizziness and unbalance,gp thinks it's my ear as had ringing blocked feeling.It doesn't seem to improve and it seems to be make my anxiety worse,as my face feels tingly and my arm and leg sometimes feels heavy feel like I'm going to pass outwhich makes me panic even more,does any one else suffer these effects.I have tried cognitive therapy but it didn't work for me,or has anyone got any suggestions how I can get through this,I would be very grateful .

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I am having the same symptoms!!! Mine has been going on since October when I came down with bronchitis and a severe sinus infection, I haven't been the same since, after several rounds of antibiotics, a visit to the ENT I'm still not any better, I have an appointment with a neurologist in a couple weeks. Its making it really hard to work...I hope someone can find us some relief 

mousey1 in reply to Amandafc

I am sorry you are suffering aswell it's not nice.I was perfectly OK until I had chest infection which lasted 5 weeks ,so I'm sure it has something to do with it.It is my left ear of which I was laying on that side in bed for about 4 weeks,I had so much congestion of my lungs and I get post mucus drip which I don't think helps.Wish you all the best and hope we both feel better soon regards 

Amandafc in reply to mousey1

Do you also have migraines?

I have a migraine and see flashing lights daily as well

I do too, and see "fosters"

Amandafc in reply to Amandafc

Oops floaters lol

No I don't thank goodness

I have the dizziness to, neurologist said it's from the anxiety... this crap sucks 

Doesn't it.I do try to calm myself down but it doesn't work,just constantly worry about my health,i feel pathetic.Hopefully counselling will help,but have to get there and at the moment can't even get out of the house,with nerves 

The thing is , I keep reading post after post of people saying the same thing yet no one has had any successful treatments :( not that I've seen anyways! 

amandapinner Did yours start out with any kind of sickness, bronchitis, chest infection etc? 

mousey1 in reply to Amandafc

Hi, Yes I had a chest infection that lasted 5 weeks,I also have bronchiectisis and lupus which makes it worse and had a stroke 16 years ago,at the moment I have health anxiety,every new pain I get I worry what it is.I never used to be like this.

I had sinus infections all the time then they started, my throat stays sore almost all day every day

I have had the same thing kinda my ears would ring I would get unbalanced and I would think I'm not ok and I'm scared about just dying and my breathing scares me they said it was fine but I never believed them they gave me an inhaler but it dint really work and when I don't think about it and I keep my self busy I feel good and normal

Hi.I know what you mean about thinking your not ok.The other day I had some pain in my chest was worrying about that and I realised I my balance and dizziness seemed better I suppose because I focused on something else .

And also I've noticed I feel better when I go outside...

mousey1 in reply to Amandafc

I have been out in the garden,which helps to get some fresh air,just need to get out the front door,which panics me.

Been dizzy for 3 days straight.

Hi Blessed man.Sorry to hear that,I know how awful it feels,how long have you been suffering? I am beginning to improve thank goodness.I had a MRI scan which luckily found nothing and helped quite a bit as I was fearing the worst.I still get some dizziness and unbalanced,but on the better days I can get out now,though still get a bit panicky and can't face busy shops.I am seeing the E.N.T specialist this week.I have also started seeing a counsellor which is slowly helping with my G.A.D.Try to keep positive easier said then done I know.Hoping it improves soon.Take care.

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