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Dizziness and balance issues

Hey guys so I've been having dizziness and an off balance feeling for about a week now. The first spell was in the shower and my doc thinks it's due to the water being too hot but that doesn't explain the continued dizziness. It seems when I stress about it, or panic- it gets worse. I don't know if it's the shower spell that triggered it or if it's something I should worry about. It's not like I completely dizzy, but it's like the room is tilting sometimes and then I freak out then I get really dizzy. Someone give me some insight. Please! Thanks so much.

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Sorry i meant to type I'm instead of I.


It's Anixety not the hot water.. I've been suffering from anxiety off and on for 11 yrs.. I get dizzy at times.. I can laying down and it happen....i had all test done thinking it heart related everything is fine.. the only thing I was told I had acid reflux and I was vitamin d deficiency which help my anxiety alot.. u can be deficiency in something anxiety can take a lot out of ur body.. I had to asked my doc to test me for it.. wish u the best of luck...


Maybe your ears are plugged up from a cold coming on? Sometimes ears are plugged and you don't realize it and you get nervous and exaggerate things in your mind which causes even more dizzy feelings! Anxiety can cause a vicious circle ​sometimes. Maybe check your blood pressure and you'll see it's good which should calm you down. Take care


I've been dealing with the same thing for 4 years it's my worst symptom..... I hate it so much. I hope you get better soon


its anxiety , i get the feeling all the time and freaks me out a little too. i get off balance and dizzy when i panic and it gets worse when i think about it but ive noticed it goes away usually after an hour or so, i hope this helped

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