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Hi my name is kirsty I'm really struggling from panic attacks and fears I wake up every day thinking im going 2 die. And have the thoughts I'm dieing slowly.. I'm just waiting to die!! And I don't no how to cope anymore. It's mad I no!!! I just need answer how to to cope and forget these horrible thoughts and feelings. It's getting me really down and I can't carry on like this. I'm constantly crying because I just have the fear off dieing. I've panicked writing this because I feel so stupid and embrassed:(

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i so understand where you are coming from i have called 911 thinking i was dying having a heart attack and you get to the hospital and everyone tells you your ok all the tests come back ok i couldnt belive it was anxiety but it was it is so hard to belive that all that happens to us is in our mind but our mind is a powerful thing i have learned to breath and put myself in a happy place when i have my attacks and it helps keep telling yourself you are going to be ok because you will and dont think bad thoughts be positive i know this isnt easy and your still going to think stuff but keep trying to put yourself in that quiet peaceful place i too have cried myself to sleep worrying about everything your not alone

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You're not alone. I feel the same. Just takes time and concentration and occupying your mind to get you over it and it will get better with time. Promise!


Does any1 else gets really achey arms shoulders and chest ?


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