Is this health anxiety I've got :(

Hi guys just a few questions hope somebody can answer or relate to. From the beginning of July I've felt like ive got a fever I go hot and cold feel like something stuck in my throat and a sensation coming up my throat and it makes me cough. Then I have a few days feeling okish then starts all over again. Then two weeks ago I started with a heavy feeling in my bum like needing to open bowels. That as gone now and I'm back to coughing. I'm under alot of stress and got a few big issues. I shake alot and grit my teeth and ive lost weight in last couple of weeks but I'm managing to balance it now. I worry about having something seriously wrong with me it plays on my mind. I think of doom and gloom all the time. I'm so fed up and drained. Sorry that it's so long. X


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  • I can totally relate to what your describing and feeling in your post. Im the same boat. Im a 17 yr old male and for the past 4 months ive convinced myself of several different serious illnesses including brain tumors,eye tumors,bone tumors, and right now my worry is cancer of the lymph nodes in my neck. From my experience talking to your loved ones and friends about how you are feeling is hard but it is the best thing you can do. Also seeing a counselor will help you a TON. I can assure you the symptoms that you are describing are all health anxiety. Think rationally and positive and talk to loved ones and a counselor if you can. I am just now feeling better by doing these things.

  • Thankyou for replying it makes me feel a little better and ive got cbt in November. Really need it now though :( I'm 36 and worst I've ever been. Have you ever lost your appetite and lost weight from worrying? I lost 7lb in two weeks this is what bothers me the most. Once again thankyou from replying

  • I have never lost weight from anxiety because I forced myself to eat when I didn't have much of an appetite. Don't worry about the weight you have lost because your anxiety is definitely causing it. Your anxiety consumes your mind making you not want to eat and do normal daily functions therefore causing you to loose some weight. Please don't worry yourself overy the physical manifestations of your anxiety because I made the same mistake I though I had a brain tumor for 2 months. These were the worst 2 months of my life because I hated waking up because I though I was going to die every single day. It's 6 months out from that and I am still here turns out that it was all due to the chronic anxiety that I was enduring. Bottom line anxiety can cause our bodies to do and feel crazy things. Your going to be be fine keep your head up. You can get through this.

  • Googling things as not helped me at all. My body feels drained I used to love going out and i was really out going. It's all gone. I'm sure it will come back one day. Thankyou for replying. To say our only seventeen you seem like you've got your head in the right place

  • Mikexv1 is right its your mind playing tricks its what anxiety does the more you concentrate on negative thoughts the more physically symptoms you get sort of a catch 22, I've been where you are I've been dyeing for 35 yrs and I'm still here. Gritting teeth will put pressure im you head that leads to omg why do I have this pain in my head google it and its a tumour. Or I'm loosing weight google it its cancer, but its not its your thoughts. And most certainly dont google any symptoms, you'll scare.the living daylights out of yourself. Change the negative thoughts to positive stop gritting teeth and dont google at all, your digging yourself a hole n the deeper you get the harder it is to pick yourself back up, you've had the symptoms your still here, dont google outa site is outa mind, dont grit teeth or tense yourself physical feelings will subside, the mind is a powerful thing and can also play many tricks on you, their thoughts just thoughts, learn to change your thinking you will go out again and get a life back fight it ignore the negative thoughts, but mostly stop googling, anytime I'm here xxx mandy😉

  • hi

    I have just read you reply omits amazing I am currently trying positive thoughts I think it's starting to work

    but you advise is fab for me to as I Google everything so today I will stop

    again thank u

  • Fantastic news keep up the good work dont step back proud of you, xx Mandy 😁

  • I do concentrate on certain parts of my body and seems to make it worse like at the moment I'm struggling to breath had to use my inhaler. I think ive got silent reflux which doesn't help me it's making me cough but then I have asthma as well. Then last week it was my bowels feeling like I need to to go all the time. I worry to much :( thankyou for replying xx

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