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anxiety is taking away my happens

For the past month coming on 2 i been really having a hard time anxiety has been really bad and i cant take it unwanted thoughts are taking over my head

i will have weeks that it dont kick in bad and i feel strong and enjoying life and feel really happy and so on

but then comes the really bad times and it takes all the happens away from me some nights i find it hard to fall asleep and today i been up 4 something in the morning could not fall back to sleep because the unwanted thoughts were coming in strong

i all ready been on tablets some dont work some gave me bad side effects doctor dont want to give me no more as i tried so many different ones and nothings working

i dont know what else to do i cant take it feels like iam losing it this morning was really bad as i could not even fall back to sleep this is putting me down

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It is so easy to say but I'm going to say it you need to learn how to cope. Little things can make Anxiety less and manageable. Watch for foods with Caffeine , they are bad , listen to relaxation tapes follow the steps and practice daily .. Exercise before sleeping, maybe one of the best things , get the extra energy out will help also.

A couple of ideas keep fighting



thank u


i'n using a great anxiety program called Anxiety audio program 120 by a gut called michael mahoney. Just a thought :)


Hi glitterangel03, I haven't seen you for a while. I'm sorry you going through a tough time. As Tony said you need to turn your thoughts to coping skills. Medication is not the total answer anyway but you do need something. Reach out for what works best for you. The thing is to do it everyday. Relaxation, deep breathing, exercising etc. It will bring up your endorphin level as well as make you more prepared when you do feel anxiety coming on.

Take care x

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thank u x

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