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I don't want to check google, can anyone please help fast?

I've been suffering from Anxiety lately, soo recently i feel like something is wrong with my stomach, my digestive system seems off and ive been also having burning sensation on chest and throat lately especially i've always had the lump sensation in throat but this time it also feels like its closing up, like slight gags like i want to gag so i checked my throat and it was red and whitish spots...

Is it normal for Anxiety to do that? Does anyone see it familiar?

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If you don't want to Google then don't do it because it won't help !!!

Now I have had the same symptoms as you other than the white and red spots the rest it turned out to be anxiety but the spots in your throat could be an infection , nothing serious or life threatening but you could need some antibiotics , try drinking or sipping liquids like water and I would get in to see your Doctor and let them have a look , like I said not because it is life threatening but we all get common infections from time to time and they do need treating

If it get any worse during the night or it could be day where you are not sure but contact someone that is medically trained for advise :-)

Let us know how you are tomorrow :-)

Take Care x


Yes i do not feel it a lot today thankfully!

I feel better as i was all day out and trying to keep busy

Thank you for your reply :)

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As long as you can breath, swallow, and basically function, then give it a few days and try to just not think about it. I know that is easier said then done, really I do know. My health anxiety has had me throwing up, falling over, not breathing properly, sweating, heart palpatations..and so on and so on.

The most I learned about the health industry (after racking up thousands of dollars in hospital bills for EKG's, Ultrasounds, X-Rays, CT Scans, MRI's, etc, is that most of the time the doctors aren't worried about something unless it last for six weeks. SIX WEEKS!!!!!!!!

Now, if you're having heart issues or trouble staying coherent or functioning, then of course you go to the doctor. Health anxiety starts after finding out that you're OK and it's anxiety related. Because you think..."but wait...this other stuff is going on...can't just be anxiety ...must be something me GOOGLE!!!" And so goes on the health anxiety cycle.

The thing to really focus on is the time period though. Think about how long 6 weeks really is. The majority of Dr's are comfortable telling you to wait 6 weeks to see if your symptoms subside and your body bounces back. This is a testament to how amazing the human body is with recovering and healing itself from most illness.

My tongue is swollen...six weeks, and it's not. Now my breath is short and I'm feeling faint...six weeks, and now I'm worried about something else. My heart is beating strange, six weeks and now I'm more worried about my shaking hands. Do you see the pattern here?? My health anxiety always created something else for me to focus on...none of those symptoms stuck around longer than that. But whatever I was researching on Google would sure show up and create new symptoms.

Stay off Google. If you can function and you're pretty confident it's your anxiety acting up again then just wait it out. Float through it and try to relax. (I know that's ridiculous to think of, but you need to give your body time to come down from the anxiety chemicals)

Lastly, don't take chances with your health. Get it checked out by a Dr. if you have even the slightest thought that it may be serious. But if you get the A ok checkout by the Dr, you have to trust him and move on.

It took me 8 months of cycling from one disease to the next, hopping to one Dr. to the next. I still have my issues. Heck, last week I was terrified about ALS again. But, I can come down from the fits and refocus my attention on reasonable health conclusions that it's my anxiety acting up again.

I wish you the best my friend.


I could relate to what you said honestly... Whenever i am busy and out or not giving too much attention to my anxiety symptoms i feel so better until i am alone at house especially where i used to sit whenever i was feeling bad from the Anxiety so it is like my Anxiety trying to pull me back whenever i keep trying to move forward..

Every new symptom will get me worried until i get more Anxiety on my self.. Anxiety is like a cycle really its like u ask ur self maybe ur okay ur not actually feeling anyting ur fine just ur mind creating things and worrying about that exactly is being Anxious.. so i guess what is left to do is to keep busy until u forget about the whole symptoms and that Anxiety goes away by it self!

I remember yesterday i was feeling awful and this time it is thankfully better and i am not feeling any throat thing as much or as before or the gag feeling maybe if i think about it too much and wonder why it is not there i will have it again.. but the point is to forget about it until the Anxiety goes

I have a question though, how does the Anxiety goes? like how does the hormones balance and how long does it need if u do not have ur Anxiety on cycle?

Thank you so much for your reply because it does made me feel better knowing someone out there understands!

Have a wonderful day my friend :)


Hi Ras,

I know a bit about how anxiety can affect your digestion as I have felt much the same. I first noticed that burning feelings, along with a feeling of having swallowed a stone, when my marriage was breaking up. I felt so uncomfortable. After I found out everything I started to feel better. It really is true when they say, 'Trust your gut'. Basically when you know deep down there is something not right it is reflected in your digestive system. Stress makes you tend to eat faster, and eat the wrong things. You produce too much stomach acid which can casue reflux (the burning sensation). Unchewed food, or too much comfort eating can cause your food to ferment in your gut, producing gas. Stress can affect the peristalsis motion so food is not properly pushed along the gut, causing it to release toxins.

For me, it took cutting out a lot of foods, mainly sugar and wheat and milk, and starting exercise routines, but the main improvement was losing 70K of useless weight (my ex).

I hope you can find your stress trigger and improve your health too.

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