Please. I need help :(

I'm so scared it's been almost 2 months and I still have headaches even though they are slowly getting better I still have a dull pressure and burning sensation on the top of my head down to my neck. My vision is totally weird. Visual snow, bright stars kinda look like commas moving around and after images those are the worst! I've been a perfectly healthy person. I've just been non stop worry and googling since I bumped my head 2 months ago. My doctors said I was fine but I naturally think I have like a brain bleed, tumor, or MS. Some please give there insight or personal experience. I hope this is all from just constant stress and worry for the past 2 months :( just want to go back to normal!


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  • Hello! Headaches are extremely prevalent for those with anxiety and even just stress in general. The muscles tighten in your shoulders which directly links with your neck and causes what's known as tension headaches. I've also read that anxiety can cause visual disturbances such as "snow" as you said. Bumping your head really isn't cause for concern because usually, if it were, that type of injury's symptoms would become increasingly worse.

    What I suggest is a chiropractor. I have one and my gosh, when I get adjusted, my neck cracks so much and it feels amazing. But rest assured, usually those with anything you are concerned with experience horrible headaches. Don't assume though that tension headaches don't hurt, they do.

    You may also think that changing vision might be associated with some medical problem but again, stress can affect that too. It can cause blurry vision, poor vision, tunnel vision, visual snow, extra floaters, or what I got-glitchy vision. I no longer experience it, but it was weird. These sound like very typical anxiety symptoms.

  • since ive had anxiety, i have had so many headaches of all sort and like u everytime i fort the worse and googled to see what it was, but google is not a doctor, and it always throws up worst case scernos, next time u google ur symptoms please type anxiety on the end, you will be so suprised how many symptoms anxiety can cause, it really tires out your body and mind, ive had pick ice headaches, burning patches on my head and else where, tension headaches cluster headaches migraine plus random pains in my head neck and face, poor vision, poor consentration, im still ok, chances are if the doctor said ur fine you are fine, try not to worry and you will see that they stop x

  • Yes I've had dreadful headaches to the point I've been crying the burning sensation and like something is moving in my head

    N also emece head pressure which I agree is awful

    Mine are slowly subsiding doc gave me amatryptline to help prevent these headaches n can take up to 3 months to start taking effect with the headaches but the medication has helped

    They say tension headaches don't hurt or stop day to day activitys but they sure do if there chronic

    My gp has ruled out migraine also but you can also get a mixed variety of headaches tension and cluster headaches n migraine rolled into 1 but generally it's the tension headache that goes with anexity

    Maybe ask ur doc about amatryptline to try n prevent them

    They also affect my eyes forehead cheeks n jaw which normally you would associate that with migraine but tension headaches affect ur face too and especially the ears

    Hope this helps


  • Thank you all for the replies definitely makes me feel a little better!

  • Do you also feel really spaced out? It sounds like you are going through derealisation, i have all your symptoms and i got it from severe health anxiety and panic attacks, there is nothing wrong with your head you have been through a lot of stress and your mind has activated the fight or flight response, everyone can see some visual snow and afterimages if they really look for it your mind is in a hyperaware state and has stopped filtering it because it is constantly looking for a threat, you will definitly be okay!

  • My burning head sensation was so bad in the beginning it would wake me up at night, it completly left when i accepted it as anxiety, but i started panicing a few weeks ago wich brought them back and made the visuals worse, it is definitly an offshot of anxiety but it wont leave overnight, the pressure might but the visuals leave more gradually

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