Does anyone else have tingling without a panic attack?

The past few days out of nowhere my face will start tingling somewhere like sometimes its beside my mouth or on my lips,or tongue,or around my eye or cheek or ear,or somewhere.can this happen without having a panic attack?im always anxious.i think i have generalized anxiety disorder bc im constantly worrying.its not just panic attacks.


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8 Replies

  • hi,i have physical symptoms without having a panic attack.I think thats one of the things that worries me so much and over time it builds up that much that we end up having a panic attack.Im anxious alot too :-( its not nice at all.Have you thought about therapy? x

  • i did see a counsiler once a month but now that my anxiety has gotten so bad that she wants to see me every 2 weeks.

  • :'( hugs!! I'm dealing with the samething and only sleeping 3 hrs a night if I'm lucky I hate being scared I'm always on flight mode and checking my symptoms on Google everyday day :( I'm driving myself nuts!!

  • Snap I sleep like 4hour and I've also experience the thinglings in face and cheeks and a lot of head pressure for the last week which makes dizzy brain fogs sumtimes jus spaced out anxiety can be so evil sometimes

  • Wow :( it's amazing knowing your not alone! I'm so tired but I can't shut off my mind:( 2-3 hrs a sleep a night I can't function correctly! Big hugs to you!

  • Hugs to you to.i feel like this can't be normal but so many people go through the same sysmtoms form heart race in headaches thinging body weakness no sleep feelin not them self list goes on.

  • I sometimes so badly wanna run away from myself :( having this is taking away what I love so much and that's my life! When I lay down I close my eyes and they open right up and when I do sleep I don't feel like I'm reaching my full REM. I feel like a wreak! I'm so lost and scared all the time!

  • Iget a lot of tingling in my feet, and feel like i'm walking on sponges. when this happens i know i'm anxious even though, i dont feel any other symptoms. i can get a light head too, and weakness,xxxx

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