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I fixed my own mind!!

Hello everyone. I want to share what is going on with you all....

I had really bad anxiety problems. I was taking alprazolam anescitralopram for it but my body got used to the alprazolam and it stopped working. After speaking to a doctor - she told me I shouldn't have been prescribed it in the first place and should wean myself off them. I decided to wean myself off both medications.

Now while this was going on I was meditating every day too. It was during a meditation that 3 things occured to me....

1. Anxiety was all in my head - I was thinking these thoughts but letting my mind control me instead of me controlling my mind.

2. Everything I worried about, didn't actually have any evidence that there was any need to worry at all. Once I realised this I took control of my mind again!

3. What I thought had caused my anxiety - didn't! I thought my job had caused it. Sure it didn't help that I hated my job but that wasn't what caused it. The stress of having my mother in law die, then my father in law, then my wife almost died at a young age, my dad died at a young age too another stress of work pushed me over the edge!

So what's happening with me now is this. I started mountain biking - it's great!! It's good exercise, gets me out of the house, and the adrenaline rush of flying down a mountain at ridiculous speeds in a metal triangle on wheels is awesome stress relief.

I also found a new job. My new boss is very supportive, actually appreciates my efforts and the customers are friendly and don't treat people like garbage.

I still have moments of anxiety but I just ask myself - what evidence is there that this will happen or am I going to be worried about this still in 6 weeks time. It helps me see there's nothing to be anxious for.

So many friends have commented how nice it is to see me smiling again, I've lost weight and love life again.

I hope this helps someone. Even if it's only one person I'll be happy. You helped me at times of distress and I am so grateful.

Good luck everyone.


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Thank you for this post :-)

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FuerteDude, I'm happy for you, that you saw the light at the end of the tunnel, went for it and it worked for you. Opening up a new door. The same thing happened to me in that it wasn't until the pills were no longer working and I decided to get off them, did I feel alive again. I am back in control, the pills are no longer controlling me. Once at this point, we are able to sort our anxiety out and not let it overpower us.

However, I do remember what it was like many years ago, there is no way I would have been ready to accept a challenge. I think I needed that time to feel helpless, to struggle in order to see where it was going. Sometimes it takes time to heal, time to grow, time to accept. Then we all get to a point of taking the other path in the road.

I'm happy for the both of us to have gotten to this point and like you want to help others get there as well. The best thing we can do is "pass it forward". Enjoy your new found freedom from anxiety. It's time to smell the roses and isn't it nice. :)


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