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I really hate not taking my own advice


So I spoke a week or two ago about not googling symptoms whenever you think something serious is wrong with you during an anxiety attack.

Well guess what I just did.. -_-

I have pain In my left leg and it "looks" like I have a swollen vein or something also I saw like a few red dots on my skin, looked it up

And the first bull crap I see is "10 symptoms you may have leukemia and not know it"

I am so sick of this, it's like everyday I'm living in my own twisted hell where I obsess over something being wrong with me and trying to find out if it's serious or not. For once I would like to have an entire day of being happy and not worried if I have some serious issue in my body. I'm only 22 !!! For Christ sake I shouldn't be this stressed :////

On another note, I really hope nothing is wrong.

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I know I do the same wtf!

I hate it

Once I even called the ambulance on myself because I was convinced that I was having a deadly allergic reaction when I was completely fine

Amazing what the mind does. It's either you best friend or it can be your worst enemy. I get anxiety from knowhere for no reason!

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This statement is so true

lol ... worst mistake you can ever do is to check your symptoms on google... google will give you 1 million results to your one simple problem and you will automatically think about the worst case scenario . i kno i do that too ,, its scary but funny AF

Lol yup

You sound just like me 😝 EVERY little symptom that I experience makes me panic a little bit & right away I'm on Google. 😔 you sound like you have Health Anxiety! That's what I determined I have. I'm constantly worrying about my health! & I'm only 21.. I should be enjoying Life & not dealing with this bullshit anxiety, stress, etc bullshit. 😣 I hope your doing better tho. Just know your not alone. ❤

Yup that's exactly what I have

And horrible over obsessive negative thoughts

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