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Worried that I will lose my mind completely

I am looking for some encouragement again. I feel really anxious and agitated. Racing thoughts that I will lose my mind completely.

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Fear not grey, you are not alone,

I have these feelings often and it's not nice at the time but it does pass. My anxiety can spring out of nowhere, one minute I'm fine, then I'm panicky and agitated where I can't sit still or focus a thought.

I'm sorry you are having a hard time at the moment, I hope it passes soon. Xxxx best wishes xxx


Thanks Cookie. It is strange how when you feel low it makes you feel it is the worst it has evrr been.


I try to do something I enjoy like drawing, writing poems etc. even if no one sees them, it helps to get it out of my head. I hope you feel better soon xxx


Thanks Cookie


One of the problems I find at times, is that I do not have the mood to get on a do something to distract me. Do you find this at all?


I sure do, I think of things I would like to do and that's as far as it gets coz I'm not in the mood to do anything. I just can't be bothered or think what's the point. I hate it when I feel negative and it can be sooo hard to snap out off. Xxxx


Thanks very much for your helpful message Jamie. It is a useful reminder, and I will try to put into practice what you say.


Aww GrayEm, i get that too. It's awful.

I havent lost my mind yet so it must just be a 'thing' but it does seem so real at the time.

Thats what sent me to the doctors in the first place because i thought i was going crazy and also, only about a week ago i put a guestion on here about anxiety causing dementia because it does feel as though my brain not working as i used to.

Very, very scary but as yet it hasn't actually happened. I havent lost it yet!


Thanks karenx. i find I can cope reasonably well with the anxiety, when I am not feeling depressed. It is trying to cope with both at the same time that is very hard.


hi Gray So sorry to hear your having a bad day but remember we are all experiencing days like this due to the unknown of why we get panic attacks anxiety and depression.

Try to listen to some music or distract yourself from what is making you anxious.

I fully appreciate how you are feeling and hope you find some peace.

We are all here fighting the same demons so keep the blogs coming and the more you talk the better you will feel.

Wish you all the best

Love Seyi xxx


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