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Hi peeps i have severe health anxiety!!!! Ive got a fasting blood glucose annd thyroid test on monday and im absolutly petrified my last test was december and it was 6.3 ive now been called it to be retested im petrified as my mum died 8 years ago of pancreatic cancer and ive associated diabetes tests with the pancreas now im in a state cuz im scared incase i got it now with having to be tested i know it sounds stupid but its a huge deal to me h3lp xxx


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  • Hi, my heart goes out to you,you fell how I fell,I lost my dad and 7 year old nephew to cancer and now I have health anxiety,allways on my mind any sensation and I've got cancer,have you tried councelling ,it helped me a bit ,but gradually getting worse again,I would not wish this illness ( I call it that because it is ) on my worst enemy,at the moment I'm waiting to see specialist about a lump in my breast ,can't eat ,sleep,i have fibrotic disease and have found previous lumps they were cysts ,thank god, but have to wait 2 weeks to see consultant,keep thinking what if,also have you tried mindfulness ,it a way of coping with anxiety,the one I was shown was to imagine your in a train station and trains stopping and going,you don't have to go on a train you can just watch them go past and past,try doing that with the anxiety you don't have to follow the anxiety just let it pass,I know easier said than done ,I'm sure everything will be fine ,thinking of you xx

  • Vanscotland thankyou so much for repling means alot so sorry to here of your loss ur dad and ur baby nephew im actually got tears in my eyes reading ur reply. It actually makes me realise how fortunate i really am im worrying abt getting it and you do have it makes me sound selfish but ur right itis horrible to live with ive had it for 15 years and it got worse wen i lost my mum thinking of u too xxxc

  • No you are not selfish ,I think its with us losing loved ones that has brought it on,and no I haven't got cancer ( well I hope not) just waging to see doc had mammogram a week ago n see doc in 2 weeks but it's the fear of cancer that's the problem,wish I could give you a hug Right now you seem to be going through it like me,I have a very understanding husband which helps,hope you have someone as well xx

  • Sorry babes i read ur message wrong please dont think you do have it i know how our minds spin i had a breast cancer scare a year ago as i had lumps and mucus coming outta one nipple??? I was absolutly petrified ive had mammograms good thing abt mammograms though babes u get the results at the end of ur scan so ur not stewing with worry (my sister had lumps too hers were cysts she had to have them drained but its not cancer) anywày ive been dis harged aparently since ive hit 40 its all hormonal lol but u will be fine sweety i have git a supportive husband too bless him please keep in touch id like to know how u get on xxx

  • I have anixety and feel what your going through. I have been bad for 8 weeks now but today I feel a lot better just by talking to people. I'm going to try a new approach to it tomoz. I suppose if the doctor thought it was serious they would call you in for test earlier than Monday. I hope everything works out for you and you beat this crap. Aniexty is a bag of sh!t. If we talk we can be it.M

  • Hi m thanks for ur reply ur right anxiety is a bag of shit whats harder is we battle with eachother everyday and i find that worse but ur right at least we can talk about it on here and what helps is knowing we r not alone that it is normal we all go thru

  • You'll be fine I am sure. If anxiety is high, just check it every now and then with CT and scans and you'll be happy to know that's just a benign case, you'll find relief by knowing that. Keep yourself busy and if the scan/Dr says do not worry, then just do not - and wait for next appointment which will be fine also. Anxiety is hard I know, you'll feel better by talking to people.

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