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So I have been diagnosed with anxiety and possibly GERD. And I was just wondering if anyone else with anxiety get this, whenever I stand up too fast or pick something up from the floor ect it feels like my heart is beating really slow but hard as in I can feel something slightly punch my chest and it last for about 20 seconds then my heart beats Normal again. And I have health anxiety and I just started to overcome the fear of a heart attack so this isn't really helping. Nothing else really happens except that no dizziness or breathless. I'm only slightly breathless sometimes coz I'm allergic to pollen, dust and cats and because it's summer there's a lot of allergens so my allergies are acting up so I'm just hoping for some explanation before I go on google and start researching again and scare myself


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  • hey, I have health anxiety and have recently been told they think I have GERD. I started getting sore/hoarse throats on and off for the last few months. That seemed to get worse and more recently i've been getting a burning irritation in my chest that makes me want to cough. I've been given some tablets for 2months to see if that improves things but I'm only noticing a slight change at the moment so I'm not convinced its making a huge difference. I've started keeping a food and drink diary and I do notice there seem to be worse flareups after eating chocolate or drinking tea or alcohol so that supports the GERD theory. Which symptoms was it that made your doctor think of GERD? Xx

  • I get a hoarse throat too and I also had heart burn and I do seem to frequently burp sick if you know what I mean. And also if I eat a lot of the foods I'm not really allowed I can get breathless like when your stomach is full from eating but it comes with breathless for me. I also sometimes get a really bad discomfort that starts from the throat to the middle of my chest it's like a feeling as if there was food stuck all the way down my esophagus or someone was just squeezing it really tight and it travels to my back. So that's why they diagnoses me with GERD. I had tablets given too and I was given them for 4 months. From what I remember my doctor said you don't really see the result until 2 months so hopefully you'll feel much better soon

  • I'm so glad you said about it possibly taking 2months for the tablets to work. The doctor didn't really tell me anything about what to expect so when I didn't seem an immediate effect I was worrying it wasn't GERD after all. I guess I'm so used to the antacids which are quite quick relief. I'm just about to hit the 2weeks mark now. I think there's some improvement but its so hard to tell because it always comes and goes. Also the fact I'm so anxious is giving me symptoms and I don't know which symptoms are GERD and which are anxiety. I just feel so exhausted all the time. Even when I sleep for a long time I wake up feeling unrested. I know.GERD can be bad at night and even though its not waking me up maybe its making me restless. I get a lot of pressure too around my neck and jaw like I'm tightening up and that can make it feel like I'm not swallowing food properly. I don't burp actual sock but I'm constantly burping after I eat and sometimes when I do I can feel the burning feeling come up the middle of my breastbone like I'm actually bringing the acid up into my chest. I'm spending all my time thinking about this and analysing it now which I know is the worst do because it can bring on GERD but I cant stop feeling anxious about it. Were you in tablets before or have you just been put on them? Which did you get? I'm on 20mg omeprazole for 2months. Xx

  • I have the same tablets as you and I was put on them in March I think. Had to get more tho as it still not healed properly and i actually made an app with a doctor to see if I can do that thing (forgot the name for it) where they look at your stomach with a camera just to see if there aren't any ulcers. What really helped me too is being on a diet. Stick to water and don't eat any food that can cause you the symptoms. For me it was mostly coke, sour and spicy food.

  • when you say it hasn't healed yet, have you had a test or anything that showed damage or is that going on the symptoms and the fact it hadn't gone away? I'm on 2weeks on the tablets now and I think I'm seeing a little difference but because it comes and goes anyway its really hard to tell. My voice is hoarse again today and the burning irritation in my chest has been there for most of today. I'm finding it really hard to work out my trigger foods. I eat little and often which I know is supposed to be good and I don't get the burning pain really badly (probably because of that) but its just there a little bit a lot of the time so I can't help but feel the little bits of food are continually triggering a bit of acid. I just feel so tired all the time but I'm not sure if that's the stress (because I'm worrying so much over this) or if its the acid reflux. I don't tend to wake in the night with this but I wake up feeling like I haven't slept well so I think it might be making me restless in the night. How much longer are you on the tablets? Have they made much of a difference yet? Do you think you have stomach ulcers or do you just want to check to be sure? Xx

  • I do see changes but I do still get the symptoms so I'm worried it could be ulcers so the test really is just to be sure. And I'm on the tablets for the next 2 months again

  • what dose did they put you on? I'm on 20mg which I think is the lower dose so I don't know if maybe I should be on something a bit higher if this doesn't work. I'm still not convinced this is reflux but I'll give it a go for the rest of the 5-6 weeks. My glands seem to be up a bit in my neck but I'm not sure that's usual for reflux although I guess if my throat is getting damaged it might be my bodies way of protecting itself. Do you ever get that? Xx

  • Yeah im on 20mg too and maybe it is the lowest I'm not sure. And no I never experienced that but maybe it is just that

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