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I use to be a happy go lucky smiling laughing , always there cheer everyone else up. Have been dealing with anxiey,panic and OCD all my life . I am female 49. Now I can bearly leave my home. Don't want to go out socially , if I have any blemishes or reddness to my face I cannot leave the house. I can bearly look in the mirror . Always obsessed About my face wrinkle, blemish pimple red or blotchy I have to check and check and check . How to love yourself as woman our weight, our skin or hair we are judges by our Beauty.

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Hi Blue34, it is sad that the media tends to stress beauty in a woman as being the most important feature. How shallow that is. There are so many lonely people in this world who could benefit from your smile and being there to cheer them up when they are down. This is all a part of your OCD. I would hate to see life pass you by. Have you been in therapy for anxiety or on any medication? Your right, in that we must love ourselves before we can be accepted by others. I wish you well.

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Yestwrsay I saw a new psychiatist. After review of my history . Main focus is OCD with my face not liking me . Everyday my mind is in control of my body . I have had more good days then bad lately but I cannot be away from the house for more than 1-2 hours. How can I gain self esteem ? And love myself again


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