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Can anyone help me please,I have just been informed they are stopping my ESA as I scored no points.

I have been on ESA for a year and had to attend an ATOS medical , I have received a letter today saying that I scored o points yet in the summary it says I cant use public transport,I dont go anywhere without my partner I rarely leave the house.I gat panic attacks if I have to do or face something new.How can I go to work with all of this I am now so sick with worry any advice please

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Hi Sharben.

Once again Government policy is making peoples lives a nightmare. I don't have any experience of ESA but I'm sure someone on the site will be able to help.

take care Kenny-w xx



This is shocking

How Atos work this out a don't no , the medicals are a waste of time !!!!

You need to appeal

How ever they have changed the rules with what I have read with appeals now

I do believe & I could be wrong that while you are appealing they could stop your money till they have looked at it again !!!

So for most this pushes them to sign on job seekers , but if you do that then you are saying you are fit enough for work & that's then where they have got you

You need to appeal really but if they stop your money can you manage on your OH money while they are looking at it again

I would strongly suggest you get advice from your CAB , they are dealing with this all the time & will give you the best advice there is out there

I am so sorry this is happening to you & others & hope someone may have something even better than my reply to advise you

I dont advise people to Google health problems , but if you put this question into Goggle I no it will trow things up that might be able to help you to

Let us no how you go on





Thank you for your reply,they have stopped my money straight away ,I am going to appeal but the thought of having to deal with it frightens the hell out of me its so so unfiar because I can dress myself shower etc I get 0points they want to beinside my head 247 to understand how hard it is


I understand its a disgrace

Can you get your GP to write a letter to help or anything you can possible get to back your appeal send it all !



Hi whywhy,Im going to the doctors next week to see if he can help my problem is the doctor I have always dealt with has left and I have a fear of going out so not been to see a doc for a while its a vicious circle


A few years ago I had trouble with the same people. In 2009 I broke my left foot, was unable to walk for months and well ATOS medical people made my life hell. I had 3 meetings canceled on me before they had time to fit me in, but that time I was walking with a stick and still having treatment at the hospital. The first meeting with these idiots was called off as I entered the building with my Dad for the meeting. I was still unable to walk without two sticks, foot still plastered up and feeling sorry for myself.

They informed me that the meeting was canceled and I had to come back in a few weeks, Dad was fuming with them. The following 2 meetings were also called off before I was due to leave my house to travel there! By the time I was seen, like I said I was doing better but still unable to walk fully.

The so called doctor asked dumb questions like ' Can you feed a cat?' 'Can you read a letter?' and so on. She never looked at my foot or read the info off my doctors at the hospital. I left the meeting upset and angry. It took them months to inform me money was stopped and I failed the meeting.

I went into a huge fight with them. I won in the end and got my money back on track!

Ask your GP to write to these people and get an appeal going as soon as possible. If I won my appeal I think you will too.

Keep strong xx


They made my life hell also,in their report they said they asked me to pick up a penil. ,they didn't it was a lie ,anyway a very kind lady fom age concen helped me,I won ,but it runs out next yr,il be calling on age concern again ,worth a try love


Thank you all for your replies I'm so upset and angry how can someone they want to be with me when I pace the floor all night when I panic at the thought of going out etc etc yet they state in the letter I can't use public transport and I always need someone with me so is my partner meant to come to work with me


I agree with all thats already been said. I had this happen to me earlier this year.

U must appeal. Get in touch with. CAB or if your local authority has a welfare rights department ask them to appeal on your behalf. WR did my appeal and sat at the tribunal with me. They were great. Won my appeal. Went from 0 points to 18 points based on my anxiety around needing someone with me when out of the house. Good luck. K. Xx


I went out last week (unknown to my daughter) I was in a major panic ,, I felt like I was in slow motion , I felt dreamy , it lasted a long time , after a outside drink of choc , I did start to calm down slightly.

Its is so hard the next time to go out , no one as far as I could see was like me , I was in a mess, and this week I have to try to go out again.

Its been bad this morning I was going to go into Town however when I did go outside I could hardly stand up , and was wet through within a minute .

Hope everyone is feeling okay , and taking care with these high winds. XX


Hi Sharben, I am in a very similar situation as you at the moment. I also dont go anywhere alone, havent been into town for above 12 years, I collapsed and had to be put in the recovery position after my last panic attack, unless you suffer from gross anxiety you have no idea how it effects your existance do you? The dwp have messed all of my esa up as well. I have been made so unwell by them over the past months I am now on more medication than ever and back to having gp care for day to day care. My gp has written to the jobcentre plus to be forwarded to dwp, but according to many forums many gp will no longer actually do letters as they are not read! There is alot of talk of asking your doctor to look into section 35 of the rules of esa which basically means you would be at risk to your health if asked to be in any work related activity, sorry to be a bitvague, but if you google it you'l get all the info. It really is a minefield, but worth looking into. It's so unfair that we have to fight this battle of esa, the battle of fighting our illness is life consuming enough, but it looks like things will not change now. Its amazing how such discrimination can go on in the 21st century, stay strong, i am here to speak to whenever you need a chat, the whole esa thing is very isolating, so please dont feel alone with it. You must appeal, as I will have to also, goodness knows how long it will take, but if we dont, then they have succeeded in their underneath plan. Take care, kind regards Emm


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