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Will it stop being so bad

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My thyroid is overactive plus a panic disorder I feel like my chest is always having pressure in it and my heart always feels like it’s racing and I’m scared that I’m going to have a heart attack every time and the person that’s supposed to help me doesn’t want to so I don’t know what to do that would help I never leave my room I can’t even see a doctor what can I do at home to help me

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Those feelings are horrible , but common with anxiety. Are you on any medication for your anxiety ? You could ring you surgery for advice . Some fresh air would help , if you can't leave your room. Open a window and sit by it . Hope these Feelings pass soon .

I’m not on any medication

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your symptoms SOUND like they all stem from an overactive thyroid.

Not the other way around.

We don't know how old you are, so when you say that the person who is supposed to help you doesn't, what does that mean, actually.

You have access to a computer, find a way to get to a physician and get your thyroid checked out first.

First things first.

To calm your body, that is naturally responding to a hyperthroid ( do you have a diagnosis from a physician??), will take strong mental focus.

Use, YOUTUBE videos for meditation, and music frequencies to heal the body in the mean time.

CHoose your foods carefully.

Be well.

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I just started a new diet I can’t leave my house at all I stay in a fetal position all day till it’s time for bed I don’t panic all day I’m some what good in the morning but after 12pm I get bad and feel like my heart is racing like I will have a heart attack at any moment I know that it’s a matter of time before my thyroid slows down again bc it’s done it before

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How old are you? Are you in the UK or the USA?

Who lives with you?

Is it the panic disorder that prevents you from going to the doctor?

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I found an answer that helped me. I will share with you-in case it helps you. Plant based diet. My daughter is dealing with thyroid issues and is 'curing it' with a plant based diet. So far, it is working! No kidding! Chemicals in foods and drinks cause me to panic and have heart palpitations. The new 'nutrasweet' in many foods is what I believe caused my depression. This farm girl gave up meat, white flour and sugars and ALL chemicals in processed foods. That was 3 years ago. I recommend Forks Over Knives, the China Study and other YouTube series and just give it a try. My doctors all told me it was impossible to reverse ANY of my chronic issues, never mind ALL of them! They ate their words (pun intended) and now call me their poster child. I tell them the plain truth...the food we eat is creating over 200 chronic diseases and conditions because of GMOS and chemicals that our US food supply now has (unlike other countries) Hope this helps you! There IS hope!

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Are you hypo thyroidism or hyper thyroidism

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