Convinced More is Wrong?

Can Anxiety make us believe we have something terrible happening? I’m 22 years old and in constant worry of having a stroke it literally terrifies me 😣 i get mouth and arm muscle weakness on and off it’s just irritating...I always check my face and tongue in the mirror or camera on my phone to see if it’s straight and okay. It really worries me and I don’t even know why I have this worry to begin with. Can somebody let me know please? Thank you


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  • Absolutely! More known as health anxiety. I'm guessing you know of somebody who just had a stroke or you googled something? It's crazy how much an invisible disorder affects so much of our bodies controls our minds.

  • No I don’t know anyone who had a stroke and no I just literally worry about it all the time cause I get some muscle weakness and Derealization a lot which makes me feel spaced out like I don’t know what’s going on. It really scares me. So it’s normal for anxiety to make you THINK something is wrong even if nothing is there?

  • Yes it is very normal. I honestly started thinking of my anxiety as a ghost if I ignore one symptom it comes up with something bigger or more terrifying trying to gain it's control kinda like in those scary shows if the ghost feels it's not getting what it wants it does something more dramatic. And like a ghost you can't see it but you sure as hell feel it.

  • And just like the ghost or the anxiety just need to keep faith that there is something higher something stronger than the haunting, faith in God and faith in ourselves that we are stronger than it, and we are in control. 😀

  • Thank you very much for your reply. It’s super difficult for me because my brain tells me something could be wrong with me and I’m 22 years old I don’t wanna have a stroke it’s awful thing to worry about

  • I understand but your super young and healthy just tell yourself everyday that it's a false fear and you will be just fine!! Best of luck to you sweety! 😀

  • Thank you so much. It worries me though cause I don’t sleep good, don’t eat the best, I am a bit higher weight than I should be and have a bit of a blood issue. I just don’t want a stroke at all it terrifies me cause the muscle weakness and feel spaced out. I guess I’ll just try to ignore it so I don’t focus and make it worse 🤗

  • I'm 34 have 3 kids I'm packing some chub, but I'm doing small exercises in my house it's helping my mind from the racing thoughts and I feel great after just a small work out

  • Thank you 😊 I will try a little harder then just don’t do much in my days cause I’m always worried that I’m going to have a health issue. I’m alone 11 hours a day I just stay in bed

  • I was there too not long ago it took me a lot to get my butt in gear.. I get up get my kids to school do my housework my exercises hot shower or bath relax listen to calming music or something on YouTube, force yourself to live not just survive.. you got this!!

  • Really? Yeah it sucks! I had a super bad reaction to Zoloft. I was put on it in September and body totally rejected the drug it made me feel insane I could barely see, Walk my intestines swelled badly. I was taken off it in 4 days time. I’ve been off of it over two months now and I’ve been in bed all day everyday since pretty much cause I feel like I just can’t get up and do stuff I’m so traumatized by that bad experience I worry I will do something in the house and have a health issue being all

    Alone won’t be able to contact somebody it’s terrible and scary for me :(

  • I had the same thing with paxil it was horrible I was sick for a week then I was so terrified of feeling that again it put me in such depression I didn't think I would ever be able to be helped... with a lot of courage and support I changed doctor's and I am so happy I did as terrified as I was the leap was worth it!

  • That’s amazing you got through it. It’s weird, for me whenever I go out with someone like to concert or the store or whatever I feel 100% normal. When I’m here at my home I feel terrible symptoms I feel super uncomfortable but I have nowhere to go during the days cause what I’ve been going through. I don’t even go outside by myself I don’t feel safe cause of the symptoms I’m afraid of. It sounds silly but it’s just what I’m going through at the moment as embarrassing as that may be.

  • It's not embarrassing at all.. never be ashamed. That's awesome you can get out and be so great though!! I'm working for that.. I'm agoraphobic with panic disorder so I can't do the concerts or things like that quit yet!! But since your at home enjoy it relax read a good book, pamper yourself !! It's amazing how great you can feel just by giving yourself some attention get dressed do your hair even if you have no where to go.. busting your self confidence and strength will benefit you so much!!

  • Thank you for your kind words of encouragement and advice it means so much to me!!!! You will get there too don’t worry, I know how scary open spaces Can be I experience that Agoraphobia a bit myself but you just gotta focus on what’s in front of you at the moment sometimes t helps to just focus on that rather than looking up and around at everything all at once you know what I mean? I feel paralyzed by the anxiety a lot. I know you’d think being at home I’d be able to care for myself but I literally feel so weird cause I been laying in bed a long time so when I get up I feel weird and question if I see things as I’m supposed to be or if somethings wrong with my brain and the way I’m seeing it. I feel not real a lot so it makes it a bit hard. Some days I will straighten my hair and do my makeup a bit. I’m just so scared to do the old things I used to invade something happens to me :$ I also don’t wanna waste my life away though you know?

  • I totally understand! That's how I was I literally got out of bed to get food which I brought back to bed with me I watched tv slept I felt myself sinking into deep depression my kids and fiance were suffering and it finally dawned on me I was being so selfish I was wasting away... after being in bed a full week I finally pushed myself to get up shower and clean up my very neglected home... after a few days of pushing myself it got much better!!

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