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I've made a mistake!

I know this has nothing to do about anxiety but I do need some help. I am dark looking and have problems with hairs on face. I had white hairs on my cheeks on the face and took them off, but now I am scared I will get a beard and stubble. I am scared and checking my face alot. It is wrong to shave on the face? I've read it's not that bad but I am scared to death about it now

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Loving the profile pic at first I thought that was your BF & then when I looked closer I could see who it was , someone was a lucky girl to meet him :-/

Now I wouldnt worry at all

I wouldnt keep doing it though as its not the best way to remove facial hair long term , but I am sure lots of people have done what you have now & again

In an ideal world to go to a beauticians would be the best option , they would maybe wax it or tell you the best kind of treatment , but I no this can be expensive

Also there are creams you can buy just like leg removal hair creams , but especially for the face , somewhere like Boots would be able to advice you & this would be cheaper than seeing a beautician

You could always even see your GP , & they would be able to give advice as well

I no others will maybe have some more knowledge on this as well & tell you when they see your post

Dont worry though if you have only done it once or a couple of times , it will be fine , but if its annoying you look into better methods there a few options hun

Also , do you think when we have anxiety as well , we can be so critical of ourselves & for instance when we get a spot , we can think it looks massive & others dont even notice it

It may not be something others even notice , but still if you dont like it I understand you wanting to do something

We all have made mistakes , I onced thought it was a good idea to shave my eyebrows completely of & pencil them in , now that was a sight for sore eyes , thank goodness they grew back & I didnt do it again :-/





Lol so it's not only me who made bad decisions about brows :D


Oh no :D

Was quite a few years ago now , I am not saying how many :-/ but I did look a sight & even worse when I was using a eyebrow pencil & drawing them on myself well , leave what it looked like to your imagination :D

I just kept my fringe down & luckily they didnt take to long to grow back & I thought well lady you wont do that one again in a hurry & I havnt :-/



Hi whywhy, i ve inboxed cardiff girl a bit of advice, im a sufferer but no one else needs to see the step by step guide i ve just sent her! Im giggling now at your eyebrow trauma, i once thought it d be a good idea to dye mine while i was doing my hair, you know just to define them. i dyed the skin around them too and i had to cut myself an emergency fringe in to hide the 2 massive painted on slugs that id stained onto my skin! xxxxxx


Oh I missed dying mine just thought it was a good idea to get rid of them all together & pencil them in & so wasnt :D

But I have noticed as my friends daughter is walking round looking like it at the moment & some of these young ones are actually doing that look now , it still looks a mess like mine did but unlike me they think they look good , I suppose I did have the sense to no it was a bad look :-D

Or is that me getting old :-/



Thanks :) I will take Looking-Glass34 advice and maybe see what Boots can offer me too. I worry so much but I will take it one step at a time :)


Omg, David Tennant. Have you met him, was he nice? There all sorts of other questions I want to ask you!!!!

Anyway with reference to the facial hair, Boots do have lots of things that should help you. Take care

Ps I'm soooooo jealous!! Xx


David Tennant was just lovely. He was filming Doctor Who in Cardiff City Centre and I was on the bus at the time. I jumped off the bus and ran like an idiot to see him haha. He was friendly and so charming. He liked my name and I put my arm around him during the photo, I don't think I washed my shoulder for a while as his hand was there.


HI there

Im a Beauty Therapist and the best thing to do is go to your local beauty salon and have waxing or threading, you need to leave the hairs to grow a certain length though first, and to get the best results.

Many people think that hair removal makes them grow back worse, but it doestn, if you shave, the hair growing back will be blunt so it can look thicker, when you wax or thread the hair is removed at the base of the follicle, so the new hair growing back is fine and tapered, so does not look as thick, and also with this method it takes longer to grow back.

Bare in mind that the hair grows in 3 different stages, so at any one time you have hairs in the resting stages and hairs growing, so leave them to grow as much as you can bare it, then go to salon, but it will take at least 3 continuous waxings to get them growing at the same rate. That's why sometimes you don't seem to habe any hair and then they come back all at once, if you've ever nothice that!!

There is more permanent hair removal such as electrolysis, or lately laser which is more expensive!

Hope this helps

Ker xx


Sometimes the GP can give you meds that can help. I believe it is one of the contraceptive pills


I'm on the mini pill so maybe that's causing it?


Hey Cardiff girl :)

I think you can possibly have a beard from constantly shaving your hair but you only did it once right? Think your safe :)

P.S the weather is lovely here in cardiff isn't it? :)


Hi Lovalova1991 - I only did this once yesterday but I do have hairs on my chin too which I got to get rid of every few days. I am looking online for beauty salons in Cardiff but they are not cheap! The weather was lovely today, sun and warm.

Reply you can try making a sugaring paste at home :) even more gentle than waxing :)


Hi CardiffGirl—are you sure this isn't anxiety-related? I get stubble, and I would get a beard if I didn't shave, but that's because I am a boy... I've never heard of women getting those things, certainly not as a result of shaving a few odd hairs off.

(I know what it's like to worry about this sort of thing. For me, anxiety means there is always something to worry about. Even if that thing was taken away, I know it would just shift on to something else. Put like that it seems really peculiar, but that's life!)


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