One step forward and two steps back :(

Just when I thought I could see the light at the end of the tunnel BAMM Anxiety strikes. I can usually handle myself pretty well when I get my tiny attacks, but tonight was different. I was just relaxing watching TV and all of a sudden I felt overwhelming fear and felt tingling in my body and started to panic. I immediately ran outside. I just couldn't stay still. I cried my eyes out and then it went away. Why must this happen to me I want to be normal. I'm tired over these damn panic attacks out of the blue


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  • Omg yes I so feel minute your good then the next you feel like crap...

  • Know what your going through, I'm like that. feeling good then bang I get panic attack..It really takes a lot out of you, takes me days to recover, Are you on medication,? I was thinking of starting sertraline, but i'm so afraid....xx

  • Yes I'm on 50mg of sertraline. It's helped so much I'm so glad I used to be much worse.

  • How long you been on sertraline. ?and could you tell me the start up effects..I really need some insight into these before I start they not put the panic attacks away completely.?I am a nervous wreck thinking about starting them..xx

  • When I was 17 I took it and had no side effects what so ever. I'm 26 now and I just started back up may 1st the only side affects I got was some hot flashes I still get tiny attacks her and there when I get too stressed out but besides that the medicine and meditation had helped so much I've been on 50mg sertraline for about 2 1/2 months now

  • Jazzylove, you are so right, one step forward and two steps back, but we all get to the same place at the end. With some of us, it just takes longer. You handled tonight's panic attack very well. By jumping up and moving your body caught up to the adrenaline outpour. Crying was just another release. It won't always be like this. Our nervous system is just overstimulated and just a thought, a sound or a picture can bring the anxiety into play. I'm glad it passed, hopefully you can go on with your evening as planned. :) x

  • It makes me feel so much better that others know what I'm going through

  • Oh do we jazzylove. If anxiety were our choice of degree from college, I would more than have a Doctorate by now. Years of learning what makes anxiety tick. Take care. x

  • Its horrible when anxiety strikes, i can go for a few weeks with no anxiety and then out of nowhere it seems to return. I am beginning to spot the warnibg signs, its usually stress related for me. I found counselling helped me alot along with meds and mindfulness.

    Jules x

  • Oh yes sometimes it just appear out of the blue i would be relaxing having a convo and them wham i dnt get it at all but they say sometimes we can be stressed and not even know it anxiety sucks

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