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Feel dreadful today

Been managing my panic attacks and anxiety until last night. I had been looking after my grandson for the weekend. When my daughter and her husband came to collect my grandson thought i would relax in the bath. Came downstairs and laid on the sofa must have fallen asleep. When i woke up i was dizzy that i had to lay on the floor as i thought i was going to pass out.

I started to be sick and my OH said it must have been something i had eaten. I was convinced i felt rough for sleeping in the day something i never do.

Anyway i had a doctor's appointment today so my OH took the day off from work to come with me.

The Doctor advised me to stay on the medication . I explained about last night and she said looking in my ears i must have had a cold and could not account for the sickness . I feel totally drained today like i have a fever and my head is pounding.

When i was being sick i did panic but this feeling was not just something to do with panic attacks.

I am now worrying was this a one off or the start of more panic attacks to come.

hope everyone is having a good day

Big hugs

LOVE Seyi xxxxxx

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I am no Doctor but wonder could it have been a vertigo attack I have a friend that has them and her symptons are the same just a thought but would have thought Doctor would have said that.Take Care ((((Hugs))))


Thank you Erstchay for your reply and i did think Vertigo at first. Will just see how i go for the next few days but i panicked like crazy. When i first had symptoms like this back in Jan was told Vertigo then was told most likely panic attacks and anxiety. You take care also hugs xxxx


Hi Seyi

Sorry to see you post & you are not feeling so good

First thing that sprung to mind , I no you have been looking after your grandson & even though they can be no problem & a pleasure to have , it can be tiring & it sounds like you were a bit over tired , as well as run down as you said you dropped to sleep on the sofa which is something you dont normally do

I as you no suffer with Sinus problems , affects the ears etc & it is true , sometimes i can be even stood & get an over whelming dizzy sensation , worse when I have had a cold or virus , I am so used to it now & dont panic , knowing what it is & that it will pass , I am sure your GP will be right on that one

Now I never thought I had a problem of been anxious with been sick , till I wasnt well this last two weeks & I kept getting an over whelming sensation of wanting to be sick & was quite surprised as it made me feel really anxious & panicky

Now I am feeling a little bit better & not feeling sick any more this panic feeling has left me & I am sure that will have been the same reason you felt like you did last night

Once you are feeling better I think this will pass again to

Hope you feel better soon :)





Hi whywhy :)

Thank you kindly for replying do appreciate the thoughtfulness as usual.

Yes maybe you were right perhaps it was tiring looking after my grandson forget my age at times lol. as i did have a lay down afterwards. Its only when i got up i felt extremely dizzy and kept being sick. I laid on the floor for ages before i attempted to go a bed. Must admit i slept all night which is a bonus.

My husband thought it might have been food poisoning but i am not sure about that. I have sinus problems and perhaps i may have had a viral infection or cold that caused the ears to be swollen inside. Blood pressure was fine so that was ok.

Just so scared is this a one off or the start of the panic attacks again that i thought i had under control.

Thanks for your reassurance but feeling so frightened at the moment. Hope you are well talk soon big hugs

Love Seyi xxx


If I lay on the floor awhile I can feel dizzy I think it's due to my neck muscles relaxing! Although I've never been sick with it.

It does sound like a bug of sorts. I've got a friend who suffers with ibs and she gets panicky when she doesn't feel well

Since I found out serotonin is made in the stomach I do wonder if it has alot to do with bad feeling in the pit of my stomach. I've started drinking yalkult every day to see if its helps a bit, trying to keep my tummy flora happy! Xx


Hi Winter

Thank you for taking the time to reply but i felt safe laying on the floor to be honest. When the dizzy spells passed i went to bed.

Perhaps it was a bug or some viral infection that i have had who knows. All i know is it frightened the life out of me the feelings i had being sick, sweating , and dizzy.

I am pleased to hear you are well and looking after your stomach. Keep well take care


Love Seyi xxx


Hey Seyi sorry to hear you're feeling poorly and that it caused you to have a panic attack. I'm sure whywhy is right in that you wont be feeling as anxious once you're feeling better. Sending you loads of get well thoughts :-D


Thanks Willrich hope you are keeping well :) Yes whywhy is most likely right once i start to feel better i will not feel so anxious. What a nightmare you take one step forward and two back. Nevermind positive thoughts.

Thank you once again.

Take care


Love Seyi xxx


Hi Seyi i have had this, but without the vomiting, but do feel very sick with it, it sound like could have been a spot of vertigo, however i am not a doc, i no that if i turn to the right, that is ok, but if i also look up, then i get vertigo, also i can not lay on my right side in bed as within minutes my head will go dizzy as its my right ear, i am seeing ENT this month for this, i cant wait as had earache for days, along with the anxiety, if you get it again, ask to be reffered to get it checked, or mention could it be some Vertigo, but don't worry as vertigo can go as quick as it comes, or just come here and there. However its not nice. Hope you feel better soon.

Seyi also you say doc looked in your ears and said you must have had a cold, vertigo is also said to be a viral infection in the inner eardrum, where crystals get into another part of the ear.




Hello Bonnie

All your message makes real sense to me. The beginning of the year i came over unwell and was being treated for Vertigo then after long term sickness was told i had anxiety/panic attacks. I have always had trouble with my ears balance etc and as you said cannot lay on a certain side for coming over dizzy.

I most likely had a viral infection in the inner ear but like everything we associate it will panic attacks.

But i know this was not a panic attack although it did frighten me when i started being sick and the room was spinning.

Really appreciate you thoughtfulness and hope you are having a good day.

Take care

Big hugs

Love Seyi xxx


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