Hello my friends.... Well i have been on the Mirtz for a month nearly now, my doc wants to increase dose to 30mg in two weeks tiime, had no side effects. Some days are better than others, my sleep pattern seems to change now and again, i seem to get 4 nights of good sleep then all of a sudden im awake till 3 or 4am just cant get over to sleep, but maybe that pattern will sort itself out in time....Yesterday the sun was out it was a lovely day, so i thought rather than ask my 14yr old grandaughter to cut the front lawn as i am not good at going out yet... low and behold i thought i would give it a go, its not a large lawn takes my grandaughter all of 15mins to do.... well took me an hour thats in between my sudden panic and heading into the house taking deep breaths calming down and then back out again, my neighbours must have thought i was off my head... but job done. Still havent managed to go out for a walk yet... but maybe thats another goal for me to do.... Sorry i havent done a blog for a we while but do come on and see how every one is, i do enjoy the banter with grogboy and why why and of course rose. I did blog bertty on the morning he was leaving , but i must have been to late. Will try and keep in touch a little more often Love and Hugs to you all San xxxx


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  • Well done!! sounds very positive!! lets hope the sun keeps shining bright in the sky!!

  • you'd better stay in touch sanmure.

    Someone has told me there is a famous eatery near you so when I drive up I may need your directions.

    I believe it is in a place called Tyndrum and does lovely chish and fips


  • Hi Starkus yes we have a great place The RealFood Cafe won a lot of awards, better have lots of dosh with you ha ha xxx

  • Hi Kris thank you for your reply, we can have three seasons in one day here, but hope the sun wins !!! x

  • Well done sounds great

    Stick around the banter should be along soon , Bertty has made a return , grog is just resting & Rose I think is as well , but bet it wont be long before it starts ;-)




  • Thanks why why, nice to hear from you, feel like keeping in contact a lot more now i feel a little better, let the banter begin, love to you and rose . San xxx

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