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Dear Everyone,

I have had a pretty rough few hours.

I feel bad. I appear to have had an number of panic attacks one after the other, since around 8pm or so. I feel as if I am going to die or pass away in my sleep.

I was playing tennis and after a number of games i was gasping for air, totally exhausted. Then in the bar I felt awfull, I felt quite anxious or panicky as if all the people around me we chatting while I couldn't follow it. I was sweating terribly and was warm. It appeared like a panic attack. I rested and drank water and juice and recovered.

I am learning to 'ride out' the panic attacks. However , I struggle at night when I am alone. I feel all alone, I feel a little tearfull somewhere in me. I feel as if I have had a rough time

sweetest hugs,

Marcus xxx

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Your not alone Marcus, insomnia. Ive just posted something just to get my thoughts out, I think it helps. Im glad your up because its just made me view things from a different perspective and i want to say its the tiredness talking, and youre not alone. Youve got to look at the facts that you achieved going out, playing tennis, and being somewhere social to me at the this time that would be an achievement. So try try to look at that point of view. Also your not alone as im here and hear you. I hope some of what i said helps, i know its hard to step outside the tunnel sometimes, can i say youve just helped me without knowing it.


Dear Seeking,

After reading 'can i say you've just helped me without knowing it' I got a little smile on my face. You have made positive comments. Thank you.

I feel as if someone is paying attention to me.

I am sorry to read that you are struggling at the moment. I wish you well with your Gp and hope that they can help you.

warmest regards,



Marcus, Im glad your feeling a bit better now. Im new here and its pretty good. Ive just been looking around and reading other peoples blogs even that has helped.

Plus im tired as in sleepy now. I think the fight or flight hormones - meanies have burnt themselves away now. So goodnight/morning.


Hello to you all.I am new to this site and cannot offer any advice.

I just wanted to say that I fell asleep at 11pm and woke up at 2.30am

It is now 3 .05am I have chest pains,feel sick and am in a cold sweat.Damn this anxiety and panic.

Lets hope we can all get back to sleep.

Love Dux


Dear Olddux,

Welcome to this site.

I am sorry to read that you are going through a rough patch at the moment.

warmest regards,



Thank you Marcus.

I was just looking at your map and saw Crystal Palace Park although I did not recognise any other names.I wondered because I lived in Sydenham for many years and now live in Forest Hill.

At the moment I have put a cold air fan on and am taking deep breaths to try and control this panic.Looks like a sleepless night though.

Good luck to you and hope you feel better soon.



Dear Dux,

I live in Gipsy hill.

Thank you. Good luck to you too and I hope that you feel better soon too.

warmest regards,



Hi Marcus

Sorry I didn't see your blog sooner

When ever you reply or blog on here , I always look for you & that feeling of no one paying you attention , on here me for one along with others always will

Again I am truly sorry you had a bad experience last night , sounds like a panic attack , which when we are recovering & doing so well like you , they can still occur from time to time

You have the right attitude though that you will ride through these

Sending you some new special curly hugs , because you are special

{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{hugs }}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}





Dear Whywhy,

No problem at all.

Thank you for your words of sympathy.

Thank you. You are special too.

A huge embrace,

Marcus xxx


i think you are very brave 'riding' through your panic attacks as I know that is not easy. This is an enormous step for you and you are to be congratulated. Nights are always the worst for anyone suffering any illness and particularly hard for we who suffer from anxiety. When I feel like this I either get up or sit up in bed and practice deep breathing. I find this really calms me down and helps me. You should be proud of yourself for trying as hard as you are and be kind to yourself and give yourself a pat on the back. I wish you all the very best ...... one step at a time.Good luck. xxx


Please tell me about the deep breathing,as my panic attacks manifest in that I feel I can't breathe


Dear Jeffju,

Thank you for your kind words. They are very positive.

Thank you. I wish you all the very best also.

Thank you. Good luck to you also.

warmest regards,

Marcus xxx


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