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Hiya I have been suffering from anxiety & health anxiety for about 5/6 years - 4 of which were anxiety free! My anxiety has basically taken over my life, I am in such a rut with it at the moment. My anxiety is pretty much focused on my health & panic attacks.

So as people with health anxiety will know, we examine our bodies countless times a day looking for something to basically worry about. Well today I spent the majority of the day outside in the sun but I had factor 50 sun cream on & I have came in & spotted a couple of red looking freckles on the top of my arm & I am absolutely terrified that it's skin cancer!!! I am almost certain it is. I cannot get the thought out of my head & I'm obsessing over it. I have googled what it may be and skin cancer did pop up! I'm wanting to get it checked out at the doctors but I'm also really scared about what they will say 😞 I'm 23. Does anyone have any tips please?

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I dont have any tips but i know how it feels to obsess over something i hope u can get through this patch and overcome it.


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