Horribly terrified

By everyone its my first time here. I woke up 6weeks ago with a terrifying panick attack, since then I have been scared that I am going to die anytime. I'm afraid of going out incase I get attacked and killed, I'm afraid of getting into a car incase it gets into an accident with me inside. I'm afraid of falling asleep, even though I eventually do incase I don't wake up. I get so horribly scared and down whenever I hear that someone has died especially a young person coz I'm also just 23 incase something similar happens to me, I cant socialise properly or be happy, I want my life back. I no longer know what real hapines is anymore because even in my dreams I have extreme anxiety and I have horrible dreams... Plz help I don't know what to do,because I'm neglecting my 5yr old daughter coz I no longer know how to connect with her, I'm even thinking of dumping my loving boyfriend coz I'm afraid of being with anyone...


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  • Nobody knows when they are going to die. However we all do eventually. It is no real reason for worrying. I understand you are scared, I know those feelings very well. I've been having health anxiety and am persuaded I have something in my brain. Yet people around should be the ones to give you comfort. Have you tried talking about this with your bf? Have you tried seeking professional help? It is always good to hear a pro's opinion.

    You have a little girl and that is an amazing reason to keep on living. Connecting with kids is not hard. Just play and laugh together. If news scare you, stop watching them. If you are afraid of car accidents drive super carefully. Try, piece by piece, getting back to it. Go for a walk during a sunny day, with lot of people on the streets. And just look ariund and try to see nice things.

    Good luck on it. I hope this made sense and that you'll get better eventually.

  • Nellie, you are not going to die I assure you absolutely and you are suffering from exactly what hundreds of others on this forum have/are experiencing which is anxiety disorder, nothing more or less than that. Your nervous system has become so sensitised by worry and stress that everything feels ten times worse than it is and you think of the worst scenario in every case. None of it is organic illness, it is caused by blips in your jangled nervous system and it will pass and you will return to feeling your normal self.

    I strongly suggest you see your doctor who may be able to give you a little tranquillisation to help you through the worst of this but real recovery lies through you understanding all these symptoms including the panic attack are caused by an over stressed nervous system and are not lifethreatening. As you now know the cause of your bad feelings there should be less bewilderment and the way forward lies in accepting your symptoms for the short term and by accepting them and being less fearfulabout them to break the chain reaction of fear causing more symptoms causing more fear causing more fear etc which is what is prolonging your illness. So when you next feel bad inagine every muscle inyour body relaxing and going limp and just accept the bad feeling without fear and eventually you will desensitise your nervous system and begin to feel normal again.

    If your boyfriend is loving as you say it doesn't seem a good idea

  • Sorry Nellie, pressed the wrong button, I'll continue, it doesn't seem a good idea to dump your boyfriend, instead you should recruit his support in your recovery plan, a problem shared is always a problem halved. So remember, Accept the bad feelings without fear, let them come, and by refusing to allow them to continue to sensitive your nerves you will have taken the first step towards recovery.

  • Thank you very much for the response, hope to feel better soon, I will visit my doctor soon, because this is awful. Its quite comforting to know that I am not alone in feeling this way and that there are many like me out there, and I'm quite relieved to see that I am not crazy or losing my mind. My boyfriend is very supportive and is always willing to listen to all my crazy thoughts and always tells me that things will get better and that I will beat this. He is so supportive to a point where he even told me to call him even if its midnight when I feel like I am being consumed by my fears and he says that he will be with me every step of the way. There are times where I think to myself that he will get tired of hearing and seeing my craziness and leave me, but he always assures me that he won't do that coz he understands that I am no well and he wants to support me so that I will get better soon and be my normal self.

    I will try getting things right with my daughter because I want only the best for her and I wana raise her with love and affection and always be there for her, because she means the world to me and I always want to see her happy. I don't want her thinking or growing up feeling neglected by me....

  • I also feel that way towards my son. But you have to force yourself to connect. It will become easier. If you dont, you are just letting the anxiety get the best of you, literally.

  • Thank you very much just need space I will be strong and not let the anxiety get the best of me

  • Just one last thing, Nellie, the method of overcoming irrational fears and anxiety disorder by Acceptance is a particularly successful method and was developed by Dr Claire Weekes in her book 'Self help with your nerves' UK edition or 'Hope and help with your nerves' US edition available from Amazon. You may find that by reading this fairly short and easy to understand book that it helps to put Acceptance into practice as the cure does take time, no quick fixes I'm afraid, and persistance but it will immediately bring you reassurance and you will find yoursekf in its pages. It has cured thousands during the years it has been in print including more than a few in this forum.

    You should hold on to that feller you describe, he seems 22 carat, and I wish you God's speed on your journey along the yellow brick road to recovery.

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