Awful Health Anxiety!

For the past few months I've been suffering really unbearable health anxiety. I think what triggered it was a time I had to go to the hospital because of palpitations and since then I just cannot stop worrying about any possible "ailments" I think I might have. It started off as worries about my heart, which progressed to me being absolutely convinced I was going to have a heart attack. I invested months into researching, thinking, constantly asking for reassurance... Researching symptoms always makes it 1000x worse. Google is the work of the devil. When I went to sleep at night I even starting sleeping with my hand resting on my heart to make sure it was still beating. Once I FINALLY got over the worry of my heart, I just moved on to a new aspect which is currently my belief that I have liver damage of some kind. I did the stupid thing of looking up my symptoms and became way more worried because I seemed to tick all the boxes of liver damage. A part of me knows this is ludicrous and that it's probably just my body convincing me of something that's not there, but the other part of me just can't help questioning any and every slight pain I have. I had a cold the other day which thankfully I didn't seem worried about, but I refused to take paracetamol or ibproufen for the fear I would take too much and ruin my liver. Instead I sat there with my sore throat because I would much rather be in pain than take medication for the fear of becoming ill from it. I'm aware that my health anxiety has gotten to a severe point that is literally driving me insane but I have organised help with a counsellor who I have seen before for other issues. I won't be seeing her for a couple of weeks though and I'm just trying to hold on until I'm able to see her which is so difficult. I'm worried I might have a mental breakdown over the pressure that is going on within my own head. The thing with my health anxiety though is that it seems SO real. At this point there's absolutely nothing and no one who can convince me otherwise that I have severe liver damage. I'm not really sure why I'm writing this; I guess I just needed to let it all out somewhere before I go mad! Does anyone else suffer from health anxiety as awful and severe as this? It's beyond terrible.


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  • Memes242, I think most of us started off with Health Anxiety after having experienced a health scare. It does tend to bounce from one ailment to another but will eventually fade away as you start believing and accepting that it's anxiety. For now, you are right in that nothing anyone can say to you is going to change your mind, You're not there yet. Therapy helps immensely in giving you support and something to think about when at home. It took many therapy sessions for myself before the "a ha" moment came and everything she told me made sense. It was at that time where my acceptance of anxiety turned the corner. It will for you as well.

  • Thank you.. that's made me feel a little better. It's just nice to know of someone who has experienced it, too.

  • I suffer with it too. I ended up in hospital with palpitations and since then Ive convinced myself that something is always wrong with me and I google things which is so bad cos sometimes I think I'm going to die when I take in what ppl say on google!! Are u on any meds for this or u trying to do it all naturally?

  • We're in the same boat then. It's awful! Sorry to hear about your experience. I felt really alone but I'm surprised at how many people suffer with health anxiety. I guess a lot of people are too ashamed to talk about it. I'm not on any medication currently, I'm going to attempt doing it naturally with my counsellor and maybe CBT but I might consider meds if it doesn't improve soon.

  • I've been trying to do it naturally for a year now but I've got worse. I've been given meds but scared to try them cos meds worry me a lot.

  • Me too, I get worried taking any kind of medication.

  • I no exactly how u fill with the Hart problem because I do the same thing at night it's horrible

  • Sorry to hear that.. eventually, it does get better though. I used to spend hours worrying about it but now it's not on my mind anymore.

  • Awwwwww that's gd then

  • Hi memes 242 I'm exactly the same constantly worrying , health anxiety is like having a little devil in your head convincing you to believe everything it tells you brainwashing us! , I have been seeing a councillor and she has helped a lot never thought I'd feel happy again but I'm feeling a lot better , I still have bad days but more like I'm not focusing on symptoms as much as I was . Take care you'll get there.

  • Yes I completely agree - it's awful! I'm glad it worked out better for you and I hope it will for me too. Thanks for your kind words.

  • It's almost as if I wrote this myself!

  • Ha ha, how odd! I hope yours gets better soon.

  • I had an allergic reaction to something and the left side of my tongue became swollen. I went to the Dr. and some jerk physician assistant inspected me and told me I probably had a tumor.

    Since then I've went from breathing issues (COPD) Heart Issues (heart failure) Shakiness ( Parkinson's) weakness( MS) Muscle Tremors ( ALS) Slurred speech ( Stroke) pain in my hands ( RA), Lump in throat ( cancer) and now I feel like my mouth doesn't line up correctly, like I'm talking out of the right side of my mouth more and my teeth don't line up. No idea what disease that could be, I'm not researching any more.

    Maybe I am sick. Who knows. What's for sure though is that constantly having an internal dialogue with myself about what disease I may have, or what symptoms I should be looking for is wearing me out. My nerves are shot.

    I've read a lot about anxiety. The theory makes sense about an over sensitized mind wreaking havoc and all the chemicals destroying your calmness. It's just hard to accept.

    The cycle is tough to beat once the physical symptoms begin

  • Distraction is literally the best thing for health anxiety. Its hard sometimes but i noticed if i stay busy i finally stop dwelling

  • I've been trying to distract myself.. I agree it really helps! Been trying to keep busy recently.

  • you could try drinking freezing cold water when you get palpitations, it's so scary I'm currently waiting for results from an echocardiogram I had about 6 weeks ago. Palpitations I feel in my throat it's also like a quiet thud in my chest, they have noticed an eptopic heart beat from the 24 he ecg. Which is an extra beat. Doctors tried to give me beta blockers but my heart consultant said not to touch them. Do you drink enough water? Also I stopped drinking caffeine and started on decaf instead. I also don't drink fizzy drinks.

    Hope this helps



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