Anxiety Support

Hep C, PTSD, DP..What more could anyone want??

Hi, i'm already on hep c/ ptsd HU sites. wondered if there was one for dp too

i'm new here,

Had a very dysfunctional past,still with some measure of dp 50 odd years later

and found out I've got hep c too, six years ago.

icing on the cake

it's all been a lot to deal with, still is

,too much sometimes,

I live alone with two Main Coons in North Cornwall


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Hi there, life is so hard sometimes, it has a habit of throwing things at you relentlessly at times. You must feel lonely being on your own at times. Do you have family and friends to support you? I hope so.

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Thanks for your message,much appreciated

No family except daughter/husband/grandson in Thailand..unable to travel as have two old cats on meds

I've couple of good friends but over hours' travel and no car

Can't talk to them about issues, but good to know they're there.

I find it hard being alone most of the time but my cats... Marhaba and Petaluma Maine Coon are great.

Hope you're ok too


So your pretti isolated to say the least. At least your cats make you happy so that's a blessing. Do you have any hobbies? Do you manage to get out at all even though I know you said you don't drive!! Is there a bus you can catch ?

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I rarely go out, live in rural Cornwall 4 miles from nearest small store

Buses unreliable and often don't show

I read.. stories, ,self help books etc

Listen to music, used to play alto-sax and flute years ago, haven't the instruments now

Are you in the UK?

Quite a lot live in the States on these HU sites

Am writing to someone in Canada on Hep C site.

That's a big concern..only knew 6 years ago.

Do hope things are improving for you too and thanks again for your much appreciated reply



Well you seem to be doing a lot to keep your mind occupied, otherwise you could drive yourself mad with worry. you would be surprised how many people have hep c. I'm not an expert on the disease but I know it affects your liver and you can have it a long time without any symptoms. Im doing ok Thankyou. You have to plod on as best you can. Some days are better than others but I keep myself busy. 😀


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