Anyone feel more anxious when they're sick?

I think I may have the stomach bug or food poisoning i woke up feeling so nauseous and was sick once. I'm sure no one likes it but I absolutely hate the feeling of being sick.. my heart is beating so fast while I'm puking and it feels like I'm choking and cannot breathe. Sorry for too much info but I've had dyarea as well which is practically all liquid 😞


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  • Hey there ! I have dyarea all the time! Same same symptoms like yours! It's normal don't worry

  • I'm not sure if it's anxiety this time, I physically don't feel good I've never physically been sick with anxiety either & sorry to be gross but even when I fart liquid comes out

  • Are you in the UK ? If so there is a gastroenteritis bug going around, funnily enough I woke up feeling rough and sicky too.

  • Hi Tim, I am in the U.K. indeed. I've just searched up the gastroenteritis bug you said because I've never heard of it and it sounds like exactly what I've got. I thought it was food poisoning but I do work in a shop where there's lots of customers and handling money ect so I've probably caught it like that. Hopefully I can get better soon this is making me anxious and awful

  • It's really bad, I know two who've had it. Starts not so bad but ends up horrible. Hopefully it doesn't get a hold of you. Good luck.

  • There is a bug going around and even gas will make liquid come out. Also you may have eaten something bad, however it's most important, you drink plenty of water, not just liquid , but water, and not too cold. Stay hydrated and keep your diet bland , no citric,spicy,caffiene. Toast, applesauce, buttered rice or noodles. Anxiety kicks in when we don't feel well and it's normal, you will be back to yourself soon , if you are running s fever or have chills, go to doctor so they can give you something to help.

  • Thank you so much for your reply I will follow your advice x

  • ohh it might be stress or some virus. Try to cook some potato as it is and peel it after and with some salt and eat it. It works

  • Yeah I think I have the cold or flu, was shivering last night and it just felt like my heart was beating irregular but think it was the muscles in my chest area. My heart racing when I cough or go toilet it's horrible. It's normal as your worried about being ill.

  • Yea I too get more anxiety and anxious when I'm sick. Whether it's a cold, sinuses, allergies really trigger my anxiety. I hate this. I feel like such a wimp at times :(

  • Hey I'm feeling like that right now :( the worst part is I'm not at my home I'm used to so I feel even worse

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