Im a 30 year old female and Ive been dealing with anxiety for a little over a month. I spend most days laying in my bed. Ive been 2 the ER dozens of times thinking Im having a heart attack . Ive been prescribed Lexapro but when I look at all of the side effects I didn't take it. Do anyone know what else is good for anxiety other than prescription medicine. I feel so alone .


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  • Hi, I'm the same as you I can't take medication as I'm really bad on them so the Docter had to take me off them and said I had to come over my anxiety on my own :( I've only had anxiety since April n it's horrible, Iam now seeing a therapist and just started this behaviour therapy called CBT, I do have my good days n bad days, recently more bad. Try to download apps for anxiety, I have different ones to help me to relax n to focus on my breathing. All you need to try and remember is Anxiety does not cause heart attacks or death,it is all in the mind n it is up to us to try to be strong n to think positive n we control our minds,if u let anxiety control you that is when u will start to feel worse, you control anxiety not the other way round :) x

  • Hi, I know anxiety can be so debilitating but you need to try find the strength to get up and go for a walk!! Do some form of excercise it's good for your mental health. Distraction is helpful!! Make yourself do something, I find it helpful to have a goal each day!! Sort through some of your things. Try hypnotherapy for anxiety, I have some apps on my phone that have been helpful,tell yourself you won't let it beat you!! It works for me most of the time. Hope this helps a little.

  • You are smart to not take the Lexapro. Your instincts are protecting you, so keep listening to that instinct. You are not alone. I took two 5mg of Lexapro and got a tremor. I stopped. Rx drugs can be truly dangerous and you are young so good for you. Do you know what triggered your anxiety to begin with? You might try a magnesium supplement, which won't harm you (although they can give mild tummy things, like poops :) ) Here's an article to read, if you are curious

  • I really dont know what started the anxiety but its bad I willing to try anything besides the medication. Thank you so much

  • Another safe thing to add to a magnesium supplement that might also help you is Vitamin D3. Both of these you can get at a healthfood/vitamin shop. You can read about D3 here:

    And I always say don't skimp on supplements. Research the brands with the best reputations wherever you are, and get those. Something else that helps me (don't laugh) but Tai Chi in the evenings, very slow and easy, with a video. And if you can see a therapist, that would be good too. All of these things help and are not dangerous or risky like antidepressants. One thing I do is when I get the anxiety at night, or very early in the morning, I say to myself, OK, it's just 'the thing.' Or name it, some name like Otis or Myrtle, to demystify it and then you just tell yourself, oh, it's only Myrtle. These little things do help, and anxiety comes and goes in life. Often it is a deficiency of some kind, so it's biological but it always feels like something ominous, doesn't it? But you are right to avoid the Rx. All Rx drugs should only be taken in the most desperate circumstances, I think.

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