Weird stuff

About one ina half hour ago maybe had this sharp stabbing head pain lasted seconds and I'm feeling anxious and my BPM is like 61 sometimes it drops to. right now 65 sometimes the app says 45😂 idk y maybe it's messed up but it's accurate at times the air feels thick like is this my anxiety acting up... I'm laying down and I feel as though I'm moving like trembling in some sense I'm kinda anxious rn because I don't know what to do.


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  • I would have to say it is your anxiety, because I get them too and they scare the crap out of me fr though. I've also looked it up and shooting/electric/sharp random pains can be caused from anxiety and constant stressing. Anxiety has a bunch of werid symptoms. I always have to remind myself that every time I feel something strange going on with my body.

  • Thanks for replying my anxiety has been bad at times and stable. I feel like I can't go to sleep when I was about to it felt as though I couldn't breath and like my heart stopped or something... the air still feels thick

  • Omg, I know that exact feeling. It has scared me so much. I've noticed it happens to me mostly on days that my anxiety is up and I'm stressing. Then I go to sleep and I can feel myself jerking in my sleep, then waking me up and I'm out of breath and sweating. I think it's called Nighttime (nocturnal) panic attacks.

  • O okay and the air is thick because I'm breathing threw my nose and it's stuffy for some reason didn't notice. Yeaa when I woke up from almost falling asleep I really thought I was about to die... one of my worst fear is an aneurism(god forbid) that me or u Ever have an experience with it and that's what I think got me anxious because of the sudden head pain.

  • Ohhh I totally completely understand. I fear anerysums so much too. I've done so much research on them that is how afraid I am of them. I even got a Cat scan done because I was like having burning sensations on top of my head and also those sharp pains that scared the living bajesus out of me and the doc said I had nothing to worry about. I still freak out about them. Even though it doesn't run in my family and I've had a cat scan. also anerysums are rare. Butreally anxiety causes so much symptoms, like you start thinking about your head having esomething wrong it will start hurting. I hate anxiety.

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