Anxious rant ..sinuses bothering me always :/


There's gotta be more relief for this sinus thing . There's times where I feel I can't breathe properly , there's not much mucus around my nose & ears least I don't think. I also have this anxious habit of mouth breathing sometimes that when I try to quit , I feel like I'm not breathing properly , I'll hyperventilate ..I feel lightheaded now & pressure on one side near my ear , all because of me trying to quit this habit, I was practicing doing so ..I then felt like I was floating all over  & got up ..I've been anxious ever since ..I'm doing the techniques my therapist taught me. But I still am harping on the fact I even felt that way ..smh ..I hate sinuses & this messed up weather. It's also aggravating my anxiety. It's getting better as I post myself venting , but the sinus pressure is there. I'm like kinda in a drunk mood , like feeling loopy . I'm glad I ran errands earlier. 

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  • Hello

    Sorry to read they are playing up again !

    Have you thought this could also be allergies making it worse , like dust which no matter how clean we are we all have it as well as products especially cleaning products as well as possible pollen allergies because I have found that 

    My Doctor put me on some allergy meds that did seem to work , there is a spray you can get as well for your nose to help clear it could be worth mentioning this to your Doctor if you have not spoken about it before 

    Hope the rant helped :-/

    Take Care x

  • Yeah I may have to , there's also a bunch of pollen near my place smh . Oh what's the name of the nasal spray?

  • Hello

    I don't have one at the moment and can't remember the spelling of it to copy for yo but your Doctor would prescribe you one I would imagine to try or in Boots they may sell them over the counter if you explain what and how you are feeling they may be able to recommend one :-) x

  • Hey hello sorry u feel that way try not to over Think it . I'm curious because u said sinus pressure what does that feel like I think I have been having those how does it feel like and we're do u feel it 

  • I appreciate that  :) oh & the sinus pressure is around my ear & in the back of my head on that same side . Sometimes it's on both sides in back of my head . :/ 

  • Oo I can relate think last night I thought I was about to have a stroke. I think my anxiety got to me

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