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Anyone ever think they did something but didn't do it & get anxious over it ? For example , I was taking care of my hair , moisturizing it & spraying it . & had the spray next to the table. I sprayed near the direction of my hair but for some reason I got paranoid that some of the spray hit my cereal , & being anxious I threw away half of my cereal :/ lol then went to the box to get more but , there wasn't anymore lol like I hate that anxiety makes you feel one way & you wind up doing stupid stuff like that. Like I threw half of my cereal away thinking spray got on there , ( my cereal was in a cup ) then I only had like crumbs left . I was nervous eating that too. Anyone relate to this? I'll be thinking about this until I get distracted with something else ..😕 Any tips on how to deal or get over this paranoia ?


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  • Yes, I can't eat anything that I even slightly think is off or tainted in some way. I just can't bear the thought of it. Have wasted whole dinners because I thought I smelled a slight off smell while cooking the meat.

    Then the craziness kicks in and I imagine the worst and then I couldn't eat any way.

    It's not just you!

  • Yeah I know 😕 Sometimes this stuff makes me feel like I'm alone but good to know ppl can relate & we can all look for solutions together . Oh wow yeah same , I won't eat or drink anything i think looks funny or smells like crap lol

  • I think I got that paranoia from my father. He was a stickler for keeping things refrigerated at all cost. If I were pouring milk into my cereal, I'd better be fast because

    he would put it back in the fridge. Same with butter. And yet my mother would keep the leftover meals out on the counter to cool off before refrigerating. Go figure.

    Oh and no coins or bills were allowed on the kitchen table because of the germs.

    When in doubt, throw it out was my rule of thumb after growing up that way.....

  • Oh I see. That's interesting . Well yeah I think this attitude came with the anxiety . Only other person in my family who's like that is my grandma lol.

  • I see, you are thinking this comes from anxiety. Gee, I never thought of it that way. I just thought it was a learned behavior from my childhood. Boy, you never know what kids are picking up through their parents. It's not always just the good things.

    Take care.

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