Physical Illness

Physical Illness

I have been admitted twice since the end of April for heart issues and dehydration. I started having swelling, rashes, joint pain, eyelids swelling, lips swelling, low bp, low wbc, low platlets, tingling and numbness, dizziness, ringing in ears, muscle spasms, I've lost 20 lbs, and much more. I have been referred to so many specialist, had tons of test and today they scheduled a brain mri... My anxiety is high this evening. I see a rheumatologist tomorrow. Please send prayers, good vibes, or whatever you believe in my way. I'm not doing much at all and my family needs me.

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  • Hello I pray all is well.....what are the results to your test you already had done??

  • Beth, Good Luck with everything. I do send my best to you. I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers. xx

  • Thank you

  • Couplets of PVC and PAC, episodes of sinus tachycardia, low wbc, low platlets, high MVC...

  • I pray everything goes well with you keep the faith

  • i will also pray for you. i hope that you find out what is wrong and that you get relief. i hope that you are not on your own and have some good support. love grace xoxo

  • I too pray that everything willbe fine and you'll be ok soon.

  • Prayers for you

  • Hi, Ask the doctors about Stills Disease, a lot of your problems sound like it. Especially ask the Rheumatologist, Its very rare and a lot of Doc. don't no about it. My son has it he is 46 this month. There is a site on the net about it, There have members and you can see what all the symptoms are, Its ... International Stills Foundation there is a Big Picture of a Red Dragon, worth checking . my son was in the hospital for a about a couple weeks while they ran all kinds of tests, trying to find out what was wrong, and an intern mentioned Stills , and with all the specialists working on it this intern found the right diagnosis. Good Luck

  • The rheumatologist took more blood and wants to wait on the MRI results and see me in two weeks. No answers and no relief. :(

  • Beth, I'm sorry. I know how the waiting drives our anxiety up. I hope you will be able to make it through the next two weeks without too much stress. Make sure you come on the forum for support, we all care. xx

  • Thank you! Physically I'm weak and miserable. I'm trying to hold it together for my family mentally.

  • One day at a time Beth, one day at a time. We are hear to listen, to see you through this. xx

  • I have a new heart monitor on today. I am waiting on lab results from Tuesday and Wednesday. They have put in for pre-authorization with my insurance for the MRI we are waiting on that and next week I have to see an allergist.

  • Beth, at least it sounds like they are moving forward in getting down to the bottom of this. Good Luck with everything, hope you get some answers. xx

  • Thank you!

  • Hi Beth, how are you doing with the holter monitor? How long will you have it on for? I'm thinking of you and waiting with you for the results. We are here to support you through the wait. xx

  • Thank you! I have basically been in bed all weekend the dizziness is unreal. I only wear this monitor for 72hrs. I am calling both my pcp and rhematologist tomorrow and telling them I can't keep waiting without answers and treatment. I'm now down to 114.5lbs, barely get out of bed. If they need to send me out of state, admit me, whatever... I just need help.

  • I agree Beth, whatever this is whether anxiety or a physical issue, it's got to be addressed. You need some answers. In the states, we have Mayo Clinic that is used for questionable medical problems. I really wish you well Beth. I hold you in my thoughts. xx

  • Thank you! I will post a few pictures.

  • I could only post one...

  • Haven't stopped thinking about you and your situation with your medical issues. Let me know if you did reach your pcp and rheumatologist today and what they said. You are sort of a limbo right now and that just makes the anxiety worse. I understand Beth. xx

  • I have had a very long day. I am now home and my husband is preparing me something to eat.

    My pcp called early and told me to come in. Her and the rhematologist talked and reviewed my MRI from 07 and 08. I had similar symptoms then and was treated in the hospital, referred to a neurologist had two MRI's and was dismissed as being anxious. However, I was treated with tramadol and predinsone.

    I was immediately sent to women's and children's hospital a little over an hour away. I had another MRI today and the radiologist is comparing the past and present mris.

    I was told today after almost 10 years that I have three lesions on my brain and I have either multiple sclerosis or small vessel ischemic disease (mini repeated strokes).

    Tomorrow I will either go to a local neurologist, have a spinal tap, or go to Cleveland Clinic. (About 5hrs away)... I'm very upset and confused.

    The doctors are very upset that I was left undiagnosed for 10 years with a positive MRI.

    I'm taking Ativan to keep me calm right now.

  • Beth, we need to talk when you are up to it. Right now try to eat a little something. How nice of your husband to prepare it for you. I'll be here for you. xx

  • Beth, I just want to wish you well tomorrow. Let the Ativan work tonight to try and give you some calm. Just one thing I want to leave you with tonight. Lesions on the brain are a common finding. Only a neurologist can define what kind they are. Many are not harmful and that could possibly be why the neurologist back in 2007 and 2008 dismissed you as being anxious.

    I wish you well, I know you are scared but wait until you see this neurologist who will compare the MRI results. My thoughts are with you. xx

  • Thank you!

  • Beth, we are here if you need a friend to support you. I know this is a very stressful time for you. I hope you are okay. xx

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