Getting worried now

Iv had this pain in my left side of my temple kind of for about 2 weeks now it's just a continuous pain? Surely it's something really serious cancer??? Tumor??? Bleed to brain. My mind is going crazy!!!! I don't really want to go to doctors for it, when I press down on where the pain is it hurts but kind of makes it go away for a couple of minutes, Iv taken painkillers nothing is seeming to work surely this ain't from stress this has just come out of nowhere .. I'm 21 I really need some reinsuance I'm just so scared


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  • You must go to the Doctor but dont go alone

  • I've had this type of pain before. I think it has to do with anxiety. But going to a doctor can't hurt. I'm pretty sure it's not anything too serious like cancer as you mentioned. But if you're truly concerned, you might want to go to a doctor, but I think you'll be okay. Hope this helps. Good luck.

  • I always have pain in my face, temple lower mandible, front of neck.... This is caused from clenching your jaw at night. Clenching is very common in people with anxiety. I also get headaches from this. Hope this helps:). Try a night guard...

  • Do u have a bad tooth ? I have this pain as we speak and my wisdom tooth at the bottom has to come out! Just had a filling replaced and its been hurting none stop ever since! Kaaayla don't worry too much about it but going to the Dr might ease your mind a bit I did yesterday I thought that I had a middle ear infection but it was my tooth.

  • People with cancer and tumours have seizures,episodes of fainting and many more symptoms than just pain. Stress factors can create headaches. Try to drink enough water , relax aswell. Im certain you don't have any of those. People experience a lot of episodes of seizures. My advise see your doctor to calm yourself down and keep yourself hydrated.

  • I get this pain on the exact side as you and I usually find its due to stress . My g.p said it's a form of migraine . As I've had this for 41 years I can assure you it's not cancer . I usually have a day in bed with complete darkness if I don't then it starts the ibsD which isn't very pleasant either . I would certainly suggest going to the doctor so that you can put your mind at rest. It's certainly not a tumour or a bleed . Go to the g.p and good luck . 🤗

  • I would go to the doctors. I don't think it's cancer or a tumor.. I believe you'd have other symptoms that would indicate cancer/tumor other than a pain in the temple. Sometimes we get weird pains that are inexplicable. If you aren't having double vision, nausea, and other issues like that than I wouldn't suspect cancer or a tumor.

  • Yes I have this a lot. To relieve it, I find the spot where it hurts. I gently press down until it stops hurting. Without lifting my finger, I press down a little harder until once again the pain goes. I keep doing this until I can't press down further. I also gently massage my temples. It will ease off. Use a warm moist flannel as well. All facial muscles need to be loosened. Good luck!

  • Could be anxiety I've had that issue bad panic disorder also I did have at the age of 19 a cyst on my temple under skin nothing major minor surgery but it hurt like hell till they took it out

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