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I am so extremely scared at the moment:( I'm 17 but I'm convinced I have bone cancer, because of pain in my left leg in the lower calf, this isn't the first time I've worried I have cancer, , when I was 15 I went to the doctors to get checked for breast cancer but turned out I didn't have it and also a few months later I went to get checked for throat cancer because I was convinced I had that to:/ but I didn't, then a few months later again I went to the hospital but I had chest pains and I was convinced I have lung cancer or was having a heart attack, but it was nothing, every month I seem to worry I have a different disease I hate it, it's horrible, I've recently only just stopped worrying that I have stomach cancer or ovarian cancer because I had pain in my abdomen, the only reason I've stopped worrying about that is because I have none pain, I'm really scared and convinced I have it now:( should I go to the doctors or not:((((((((( I'm sick with worry and don't wanna do anything because I feel like what's the point:( I could be dying I just don't know what to do, can anyone help me? Please message me or reply back to this


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  • Hello there! My names Harry and I am the same age as you (well turning 17 soon) and you are suffering from health anxiety, which I also suffer from. I assure you that you do not have bone cancer, moreover you probably don't have any pain in your calf, it's your imagination! I'm not sure if you were aware you are suffering from health anxiety but I'm telling you now that's it! I went from being certain I had a brain tumour to testicular cancer, health anxiety occurs when your stress levels heighten so has anything happened in your life to cause increased stress? I.e. College. I look forward to your reply, message me night or day and I'll be here to talk:).

  • Thank you! I've never heard of health anxiety:/ I didn't even know it was a thing, like I know people worry but this stuff but I feel like no one worries about it to the extreme extent I do:( I hate it, I feel like there's no point putting effort into my life if I'm dying! Like I'm so convinced, if you worry about it yourself? How do you cope with it?!

  • Hi!

    Health anxiety is common, our mind imagine various things and we started living in our imagination. Just go for complete checkup and then take all these thoughts out of your mind. Regular counselling and proper medication can help you to cope with it.

  • But whenever I do go for a checkup, I get re assured but then a few days later another worry will pop in my head and it will continue on a loop and I will just keep on worrying had two years of counselling and one year at the Zinnia centre but nothing seems to help and I've been on antidepressants for the past two years, but thank you I'm just so stressed atm!

  • Hi!

    I'm 26 and I've had health anxiety for only a few months.. It started when I had my third baby in August.. My little girl, she is all I could ever want.. Everyday I would think there was something wrong with her which slowly shifted to me.. Last week I was convinced I had ovarian cancer.. I have a brain tumour coz I have a head ache, I'm going to have a heart attack at any minute when I'm at home alone and no one will find me!! Even if u don't have pains anywhere ur searching yourself to find one.. It's horrendous.. I've been on my meds a week now and feel great, I'm dealing with the fact that I have a head ache and a snotty nose is probably just a cold!! Xx

  • You will have so many aches, pains and twinges as you live. Most of them will go away if you don't keep focusing on them. Just keep active and focus on your future, school, college, jobs, etc. You will know if you are really sick. You know when you have the flu, cold, earache so you will know if there is a problem. Talk to your parents about your concerns and they will be able to help you decide if you have a real medical issue. Your pain in leg could be just pulled muscle. Don't let your mind convince you that it is a life threatening issue. Your thoughts can be very powerful but you have to work on being more positive.

  • Thank you so so much, this helped me so much, I really appreciate your advice, everytime I've been worried I have cancer I've spoken to me mum, and she's always said "if you really want me to take you to the doctors I will, but I know that if there was anything wrong with you that serious you wouldn't be as fit and energetic as you are Kelsi, I'm not worried and your not seriously ill" so that's what she says but I just wish I could change my way of thinking

  • You can. Just ignore your aches and pains and keep living your life. As you ignore them and are not focusing on them, your mind will get the message because you are thinking and doing other things. It takes time but eventually your thoughts won't be on you. Concentrate on being the best person you can be. Help others, be kind and considerate. Enjoy school, friends and family. Sounds like your mom is there for you and she can help when you start worrying too much.

  • Thank you!

  • Hey I have health anxiety too which is under control.. Mine first started with bone cancer was absolutely petrified turns out it was a muscle pain.. Then I had brain tumors, aneurysms, heart attacks, MND, stomach cancer, ovarian cancer, skin cancer.. I went to the doctors an unbelievable amount of times and they told me I had health anxiety!! I've had every blood test there is and nothing has been found.. It's a hard thing to accept and I do have a wobble sometimes like yesterday I was at the doctors again 😁!! You don't have anything wrong with you at all 😘

  • PS.. Don't use google he's your enemy with health anxiety!! X

  • Omg Google is the devil ha.. If I have a snotty nose I have some form of cancer!!!

  • 😂😂 it's the worst! I've got a cough and I'm thinking why do I have this 😁!! Lol

  • Jess how are u controlling it? X

  • I had cbt.. Have you had that? It made me realise where the anxiety has come from.. I also thought to myself I've had every illness out there and every blood test possible and nothing's coming back so it must be in my head.. I take magnesium supplement and they have worked so well.. And keeping busy! Xx

  • I've heard a few people mention these magnesium supplements.. Where do I get them from.. What is cbt?

    My doctor was so quick to just throw medication at me, they literally don't spend any time at all speaking to u and asking u how u feel x

  • You can get them from pharmacy or boots just ask for magnesium supplements or multi vitamins with magnesium in them.. It's called cognitive behavioural therapy ask your doctor to refer you they really help change your way of thinking!! Aww my doctors have been amazing with me.. I was given sertraline took one and it felt like I was on heroin so I didn't take them again x

  • I'll message u! X

  • Okay x

  • Thank you so much omfg, I remember now it once worried about skin cancer at one point to:( I've worried about lots, I'm just more reassured now because I know that my problem I'm dealing with "healthy anxiety" is an actual thing, how do I get help for this:(

  • Go to your doctor and ask to be referred for cbt (cognitive behavioural therapy) it's really good they will help you.. Don't go on google.. Also I take magnesium supplements and they help me really well xx

  • Okay I'm going to make an appointment for the doctors soon! Thank you

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