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Iv had a couple of days when iv felt really on edge,iv been taking clarithromycin 4a throat inf too,iv been out and about though ,just a while ago I'd been sitting awhile and decided to go to the loo ,I came up at a steady pace when I reached the top my heart was pounding I could hardly breathe ,it's happened an odd time before that's y iv had lots of tests this yr,my doc did say that sometimes if uv been sat awhile and then suddenly get up and do something strenuous it can happen ,any one else had this happen? It's scared me a bit

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Hi Meg x Sorry to hear you have been feeling ill x I to have had that sensation of being out of breath and the heart pounding when i have reached the top of the stairs x I walk up at a steady pace and the heart to starts to beat faster as its been resting dormant for a while and now its having to work, then I get out of breath which is natural as the heart is working hard at the moment, but then the anxiety kicks in and the heart beats even faster so we start to hyperventilate as we become worried xx Sounds daft but I usually sit on the loo top for a while and breathe in and out slowly x Its not being daft at all x when health is concerned its always best to be cautious xx Donver x

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I went into the bathroom ,and then started to panic,I felt like it was never going to calm down,it was probably only a few seconds,I think I must have started to hyperventilate ,may b my anxiety had something to do with it do u think,I do get scared coz I live alone

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Sometimes when we are alone we do tend to panic more x but all you have to do is to remember to breathe in and out calmly x Even at its worst when we hyperventilate it can only last a minute before it spikes and your bodies instinct kicks in and calms you xx Alone or not we can overcome it all x

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Il try to remember this love,phew

Hi Anxious

I have had that before & as your GP has checked you out I would trust its anxiety

Also I am just getting over the worse bout of flu & like you with your throat infection my anxiety always seems to get worse when I am not very well

I have been taking antibiotics as well & I find they can make me feel & have funny sensations that I dont have when I am not on them

The more we fear these feelings the more anxiety it causes , I no its not easy but if we can accept them & let them come & pass again it helps as it gives the fear less power which then is less anxiety , takes some practice but it can be done

Also be kind to yourself while you have an infection & I hope you feel better soon :-)




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Hi why why,this is the 2nd lot of antibiotics iv had,I think it's finally starting to clear ,I did go into town today in the fresh air even though my anxiety must have been at a high ,(keep taking deep breaths and so on ).feeling like I can't breathe,allways checking my sats and bp,which r ab fine,at least I'm making an effort to go out ,but at the back of my mind is allways that fear il panic while I'm out and won't b able to breathe,silly I know,it's coz I'm so lonely I go out ,this time of yr when I remember my husband and son who r no longer here,it's so hard ,really

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Hi meg

I no , I seem to be on antibiotics more times than I am of them but its good news you feel this 2nd course is working , sometimes it takes more than one course before they work

I also no how hard you find this time of year & I cant even to imagine to think how this must feel like & I am sending you big hugs


Going out will help break the day up a little & you do really well by doing that , give yourself some praise

Come on here & have a little chat when you feel lonely , I no its not the same as in person , but you no someone is listening & cares :-)


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Yes I know,I'm upset at the mo it's been like this for a few days,I miss them so very very much,my heart aches for them all the time,my hubby's birthday comes up in dec too,another day to get over,Will I ever feel that 1day life will b worth living again?

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Yes you will & I believe they will be there watching over you & willing you to feel better again :-)


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Id rather they were here with me now,just to put my arms round them both

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Aw Meg I am sorry to here this xx Big hugs xx Reach out and put your arms around them x they will hug you in return i like to believe in things like this xx

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Thank u love ,il give it a try,

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Hi yy wat the heck is going on with people being nasty to u,don't let them drive u away,hope u answer me love ur friend meg

Yes this happens to me always, I have come to the same conclusion as your doc, I spend a lot of time laying down, and have done over two years, when I get up to go to the loo, upon walking just a few steps, my heart races, by the time I am back on the sofa its going for it. I don't no how much exercise you do or moving around the house, but I do very little , so believe it happens to me for that reason



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No I don't do a lot of exercise coz of my arthritis ,I go out on a sat when a very good friend takes me shopping and then Sunday I go to my lovely local church ,we're I do find peace at least while I'm in there,I have made good friends there,they r so very kind,at the mo been doing a lot of knitting for a friends new baby grandson I. Now doing something for myself,

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