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Does anyone else worry about what the worrying is doing to you physically??

I get pains in my stomach which have been going on for years, when I get anxiety. I get worried about what this is doing to me physically, which obviously makes the anxiety worse. I get a very strange pain in my stomach, it starts with a feeling of being extremely hungry, so much that it hurts. I think that my gastric juices are burning my stomach.

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It's the Anxiety worry circle do you practice relaxation every day also if there was something going on in your tummy bad they would have told you buy now ie your GP yea

I have feel Dizzy most of the time and I try to when I can to except it but sometimes I just have to chill relaxation is great


Thanks for yr answer. I'm my own worst enemy because if I try relaxation I am always 'checking' to see if its working if you know what I mean. It's the same for anything I do to try and relax. If I watch TV to relax I can't tell you whats on coz my brain is concentrating on if I'm relaxing or not. That just makes me even more tense. If I try to read to relax, the same thing happens.

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Hello Feline

Yeah I also worry...I used to worry about my heart when I got palpataions, that has stopped, which is good my main worry now is how anxiety seems to give me chronic constipation...the symptoms of that and the side effects of relief medicine love to make my anxiety worse...

good luck



I think the anxiety has given me IBS and some sort of intestinal imbalance. I worry about my heart as well coz the anxiety can go on for days and it really hurts around there.


Go to your bedroom by a cd or get an app I sometimes can't do the relaxation when I wake up with Anxioty but try to make time every day and I feel it if I don't



I used to really worry , but I am not as bad now

A lot of us that suffer with anxiety seem to have IBS , I suffer , if you feel you have , see your GP , there are meds that are not harmful but can help

The tight sensation round your chest , I used to get it alot , again i think we are so tense & the muscles tense around that area & thats what we feel

As you learn to accept these feelings are anxiety , which I no isnt easy , but in time you will , they do get less :)





very true with anxiety don't led the feelings scare you just accept them and they will loose there strength , once the monster (anxiety) realises you no longer fear it , it loses its control and retreats .Say to yourself " I don't fear anxiety , anxiety is a emotion a mental con !! created by illogical and distorted thoughts . Every day is a chance to start over




I agree with MrGed we need to not fear but very difficult to put into practice when you feel your not in control of symptoms.

I wonder at times if all this tension fear anxiety does cause more problems to our well being.

Hope you feel better soon

Big hugs

Love Seyi xxx


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