Here we go again :(

So I wokeup today with the worst anxiety and going with it all day long. I know that it is my hormones & my lady stuff but also the strep on top. I have bruises all over for no reason and horrible horrible sweats. Its really got me feeling down today. I will see my Primary on Monday and hope she can help as well as a new OB on Wednesday. I just really want answers honestly. My other doctor is saying T&A removal will be my best option but I am so scared! I have not had a surgery since 2004. Just needed to vent and I know you guys are great support.


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  • Hi teemarie, sorry about the anxiety but understand with all that's going on. Why do you have bruises all over? I'm glad you are seeing your Primary on Monday and that you did get a new OB appointment for Wednesday. I wish you well with both appointments. Take care of that strep, if you are on antibiotics that could be causing the sweats. It happens to me. I would think that the T&A is elective surgery so try to think of first things first. Hope your weekend is spent in getting better. Get well soon xx

  • I have no idea why I have the bruises! I am not sure whats going on at all anymore with me! Im not on any medicine right now so I dont know what its from. I feel like Im honestly going through Premenopause. Thank you so much! I hope so too!

  • Hello

    Sorry you are not feeling well there is nothing worse when you have anxiety as well

    The sweating though could be the strep , I know with this ear infection I just keep burning up it is awful

    I am sure as you get better it will subside :-)

    Take Care x

  • I know this is will be a wierd answer but bruises during the night for no reason means demon possession in my religion 0.0

  • I dont think thats the case. I think its just low iron or something going on. Thank you though for your response.

  • Have you seen an Endocrinologist? They specialize in hormones. Just a thought.

  • not yet i am telling my primary to refer me when i see her monday

  • teemarie, good luck with your appointment tomorrow. Hope it goes well. xx

  • awwwwwwww thank you so much agora1, thank you for remembering! that is so sweet of you. i will def let you know how it goes! i am nervous but confident and i will be firm about what i want done.

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