Here we go again 😩

So second day of taking citalopram or how ever you spell it and I'm so anxious I'm in bed and I can smell like food cooking like something was in the over I went to check and nothing like what the hell is going on could it be the tablets I'm sick on a morning since having them now I'm thinking I have a brain tumour or something this is horrible I can't cope when will all this stop 😩 Xx


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  • I am so sorry. My side effects did lessen in time it was a while back. Please see the doctor if you continue to be troubled.

  • Do you think it's side effects then? I'm so worried x

  • Being sick seems extreme though I know they can cause nausea even hallucinations. Check with the doctor. Book an appointment ASAP.

  • Oh gosh this is bad isn't it it's not normal 😒 X

  • I can see you're getting anxious. Tell yourself you will sort this ASAP then try to stop worrying for now, I know it's hard.

  • I'm on the verge of going to hospital I'm so scared heart racing can't breath thinking I'm going crazy been worse since taking tablets x

  • I'm so sorry they may make your anxiety worse. In the UK you can phone NHS direct.

  • Thank you I'm beside myself now I hate this xx

  • You're going to be ok ok.

  • Look around the room !!! And pick 3 things off the wall it doesn't matter what it is just look at three things in your house ! Then ask yourself can I breathe ?

  • Ok will do it now thanks x

  • Hey, sweetie !! I took that med for over 20 years and never had a problem with it. Give it some time. What dosage are you on ?

  • Hi Hun only 10mg for anxiety disorder and mild depression caused by anxiety doctor said 10mg to start with because of side effects I'm going back to see him tonight Iv spoke to him he said this is all normal but he may give me a mild seditive xx

  • Yes. I took Xanax along with mine or Buspar is good too. It will get better !!

  • Will it really ? I'm at the end of my tether Hun these dark crazy thoughtsI'm agitated I'm exsaused but can't sleep so I hope your right 😘 Thanks xx

  • Hi I've just read your post I no it was a few months back. But I'm feeling the same how you feeling now. X

  • Are you ok ?

  • Iv woke my husband up and asked if he'd cooked anything in the oven while I was out he said he had still it was hours ago he's like what you asking no me for I said I thought I could smell food cooking but bedroom is right above kitchen maybe Iv got a heighten sense of smell on tablets I know Iv had a funny taste in my mouth last few days god these tablets meant to make you feel better not worse what's going on I feel so anxious my hearts going crazy thinking Iv got something really bad wrong with me and I'm going to die 😒 X

  • I'm available for Skype. If you need a voice.

  • Hi Hun just seen this message bless you that's lovely of you may take you up on that offer xx

  • I'm doing awful right now! I woke up shaking and scared.

  • I keep thinking the reason I lost my appetite is because I'm dying.

  • Hun I was thinking the same thing last night and thinking the Reason I keep been sick is I have a brain tumour 😩 X

  • Aww Hun that's not good as if I'm one to give advice but maybe splash your face with cold water have a drink get some fresh air hugs Hun xx

  • I can't take it anymore it's all I think about day and night.

  • I know I'm the same I'm off to the doctors again now x

  • I hope everything goes well . It's like when I do eat my stomach bothers me . Is it because I've when so long without? I don't understand.

  • To be honest yes my mom told me today I'm not eating enough so that has an effect on everything increased demand anxiety feeling sick been sick it's horrible feeling like this Iv lost 7lbs in just over a week 😩 X

  • So have I ! I'm so so scared

  • Hun I'm sure we will be both fine I will let you know what doctor says xx

  • Aww bless u hun. I'm feeling anxious again tonight but trying to take my mind off it a bit. It's so horrible feeling the way we do. I've got cbt over the phone tomorrow and it's my last session but Im telling her I need more counselling and I want it face to face this time as I feel it's not effective over the phone as too much info gets overloaded into me. Really hope your okay. Life's a bitch sometimes xxx

  • Hi Hun , yeah I'm really going through it right now 😩 As we all are I just want to wake up in the morning and be the Danielle I was just over a week ago .. What's cbt Hun? And my doctor has referred me for counselling can't wait to get an appointment and thanks for messaging me Hun means a lot xx #yeahlifesabitch 😒 X

  • It's cognitive behavioural therapy(counselling) they give u breathing exercises to practise and tell u different ways to try think positive and how to deal with the situation when in the middle of an anxiety attack like going downstairs and doing something to take your mind off it but doing something boring so u don't stimulate your mind even more. It hasn't worked for me to be honest. Nice speaking to her to tell her exactly how av been feeling but as soon as I go off the phone I still feel anxious so I give up. My sister is the total opposite to me, she doesn't suffer with anxiety and she's much tougher than I am. Wish I could take a leaf out of her book nd toughen myself up and tell myself that I can beat this anxiety but I'm such a wimp. I actually thought I was a really strong person but when anxiety hit me it made me realise I'm not that strong :-( xxx

  • Thanks for the info Hun I can't wait for my appointment to come through I need to talk this over with someone who knows and hopfully it will help me and my brother is just like your sister why can't we be like them I'd give anything not to be like this xx

  • Did your doctor give you ativan or something to take with the other meds??

    It causes that at first but my doc said you will get used to it slowly and it will make you feel better :)

  • No Sam just the ciltlopram 10mg only one tablet a day but the way I'm feeling it must be the tablets as this agitation and sickness and smells taste in my mouth etc wasn't there before I could sleep to but since tablets can't sleep to agitated , what's Ativan ? X

  • Yes I noticed when I first began ciltlopram 20 mg I couldn't sleep either. Kept waking up in the middle of the night and stuff. Then my doctor put me on ativan it's like xanax and told me take a small dose before bed

    It's week number 1 and I'm starting to get out of the house slowly and lesss panic attacks also sleep about 6-7 hours

    Look into Ativan or xanax for short term until ciltlopram starts to work.

    Doctors say it takes 2-3 weeks to start working fully.

  • Thanks Sam will do that I need something couldn't do this for another two weeks 😩 X

  • No problem. Hang in there

    It'll be worth it in a couple of weeks.

    I've heard a lot of good reviews Ciltlopram.

  • Really that's great I hope they work for me and I'm on here in a few weeks saying how good I'm feeling instead of moaning lol xx

  • Hey. You will find that pretty much all antidepressants make you feel worse for upto 2 weeks before you begin to feel better but it is so worth it. I suffer more with depression than anxiety but citalopram is a really good medicine. Your doctor should have warned you it would make you feel worse for a little while before making you feel better. So if you can take some deep breaths and try to tell yourself that you're fine you've just gotta ride out this roller coaster so that you can feel better and be stronger in the future. Easier said than done I understand, if you want reassurance phone 111 and explain or ring your doc in the morning if you can make it through the night. CBT or councelling will be really good too...try to focus on the good things that are being put in place to help you.

    L x

  • Hi L πŸ€— Thanks for taking the time to comment and give me some great advice .. A lot of people have said it's a good medicine once it's it's working but up to two weeks 😱 Gosh but hey I guess all good things come to those who ride this shit out lol I am going to try and listen to some relaxing music see if that can calm me down in hope I get some sleep can't wait for the day I feel like me again .. Doctor said I have anxiety and mild depression not mild anymore after taking them things lol

    Thanks again nice talking to you x

  • Sounds to me like your senses are going wild because you are very anxious. I guess that you don't like taking new medication etc? I'm on week 2 of citalopram and i took the full dose for 2 days but had the biggest headache ever, so decided to start slowly and cut my tablets in half and gradually increase over time.

    With most tablets like this most people will be prone to some side affects, some worse than others. I ended up with sure bad headache, eczema on my shins, dry nose and gone off milk smell which was constant in the back of my nose and also feeling really anxious. Since i halved my dose they are a lot more reduced and ill increase my dose when everything subsides. If you do decide to do that then just double check with your doctor first to make sure that's ok.

    Don't give up on then as they will eventually work but it takes a few weeks. This is advice from a pro that's taken many tablets like this before.

    Good luck

  • Hi there thanks for your reply Iv ended up ringing my doctor my anxiety is through the roof I feel like I'm going crazy I can't cope crazy dark thoughts been sick hot dizzy my doctor said you can get side effects like that and I'm going in to see him at 4.20 today he said he will give me something to calm me down I really feel like this is the end I want the old me back how so much can change in a week 😒 X

  • Hi have you seen him yet? We spoke quite a bit yesterday.

  • No going to see him at 4.20pm so two hours time x

  • Well I hope you get it sorted. I had some spare citalopram which the doctor was ok with me taking when I needed it, so I took that, although I was tired after it really helped with the short term anxiety. What did the doctor say in the end?

    The problem with these tablets is they can be a shock to the system causing all sorts of side affects. Did you discuss maybe taking half dose for a week or two and then up it when you feel ready?

  • Citalopram made me feel sick for a couple of days when i started taking them, but were fine after that. They take a couple of weeks before any relief from anxiety is felt.

  • I found when i started takin this med my jaw started to clench an i cudnt sleep the headache was unreal an panic attacks were so bad after 4 days i stopped i cudnt handle them i really wanna take the meds to help me an my children have a better life as this controls me so much am fed up xx

  • That's how I feel Hun I want to stop them x

  • Ive just been for an eye test an the lady was lovely explanedto her whts been happenin an shes now told me i need glasses its strange but feel a bit better knowing its not all in my head this xx

  • How are u feeling today Hun? Have u been better since u been on your medication? Xxx

  • Hi Hun well yesterday I had to go back to doctors i broke down said I was feeling worse since taking the tablets he said it was all normal and to carry on with them as they will be good for me he did give me 2mg of diazepam that I can take up to 3 times a day to subside side effects of other tablets he did stress that I should take them if I'm not feeling to bad and he's only give me 15 tablets and it's only to subside the side effects of ciltlopram and won't be used for long term I did get a few hours of sleep last night but this morning I felt like I'd hit rock bottom but as the day has gone on felt better so fingers crossed the meds will start to work I a few more days but hey just taking it one day at a time 😘 Thanks for asking Hun xx

  • Things we have to go through just to feel better. That's the bit that worries me having to go through side effects to try get better! I'm not too good today, feeling really anxious for no reason. Did u say the docs told u to take the diazepam even if u felt okay or not to take them if ya felt okay? Aren't they meant to knock u to sleep them tablets? Xxx

  • Aww Hun bless ya it's crippling living like this on our nerves but I just couldn't cope with the feelings the dark thoughts the panic attacks sleepless nights etc I would try anything the doctor gave me yes I'm not going to lie the side effects made my anxiety a lot worse I was agitated felt really low and exhausted but couldn't sleep and when I did sleep crazy scary dreams wake up and in a panic but after talking to lots of people who have been on ciltlopram they are a very good drug for anxiety and depression and work great I googled it and dice spoke to people who take them so I'm looking forward to getting passed all this and feeling better because everyone said I will also once my counselling sessions start that will help me also Hun it's up to you but anything is worth a try if we can live a life with out constant anxiety xx hugs xx

  • It IS normal -I had heightened sense of smell too, and really nauseous.

  • Yes I had this also and still have the sickness now first few days of taking meds I was sick now I just feel very sick but goes off after a few hours x

  • Hi hope ur bit better I was on citalopram 50mg had terrible side effects got put up 2 100mg even worse been on setraline past year been mostly ok I know everyone's different so maybe give them bit of time I had 2 have short dose of diazepan 2 cope with bad feelings from them ur not alone take care

  • Hi thanks for reply and yeah feeling more normal today (well normal for me lol) so think the meds are kicking in, the mornings are the worst and still not sleeping to well but better than last week on day 10 of taking them so hopefully I'm on the up x

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