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Here we go again !!!!!!

Went to see the Doctor to explain i could not cope going to work as i tried for a week or so then the dreaded anxiety was lurking had an experience like i did when this first started was in a terrible state. He suggested going in three days a week for the afternoon.

So i am going tomorrow dreading it.

Just get so fed up with feeling like this not being able to do just the simplest of things.

Hope everyone is having a good day today

Take care

Hugs Love Seyi xxxx

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I can understand you dreading it

Three afternoons a week , seems like an idea , even though I no its not me that has to do it

See how it goes , tell yourself , if I still cant manage it I have a choice , because you do

Keep blogging we will help the best we can

Come & join the Garden Party , you might be ready to go after you have been in there for a while :-D

{{{{{HUGS }}}}}}


Thanks whywhy for you comment do appreciate your kind words but i never realized what a hard road to travel. Like i said i was phased back in mornings did a full week. The Monday was fine but Tuesday on the bus i was freaking out crying shaking and could not put one foot in front of the other. I called my Daughter poor love she quickly grabbed the baby and came to pick me up took her about 20mins which felt a lifetime. Sometimes i feel guilty for the rest of my children they struggle to understand. (I do not understand it myself).

I try not to give into this but its like fighting Mike Tyson at times hahahha.

I am doing Mon/Wed/Fri afternoons so will see hoe that goes asnd next week i am off as its half term.

I hope all is well with you best wishes as always.

Love Seyi xxxx


I understand everything you are saying

Remember your daughters reaction ,is because you are a wonderful person & a wonderful Mum & loved very much , shows what a good job you have done

Yes me to , might be easier at times doing 12 rounds with Mike ;-)



Oh bless you Seyi. I hope you are able to take it slowly. Three afternoons in a week is a challenge in itself, but at least it gives you days to rest and build up to the next session. It's such hard work getting over anxiety and getting back to work is hard too, so the two combined probably seem impossible! It takes such a long time too. I hope you are able to find some peace for yourself eventually.

I dreaded many days of my phased return, but just kept thinking that if it didn't work out then I obviously wasn't ready.

I hope this helps you.

Ann x


Hello Ann

Thank you for your kind words and encouragement i am trying my best to keep afloat but somedays for no reason the anxiety comes back with vengence

I will try again as they say you get thrown off the horse get back on. I hope all is well with you thanks again for your reply do appreciate advice and support.

Have a lovely day

Love Seyi xxx


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