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So I'm not sure if I'm in denial about my hypochondria or if I really do feel these physical symptoms . Is it normal for hypochondriacs to think about their health at every waking day ? Do we sit here all day long and think about the what if's of our health ? Do we really sit here and trying to diagnose everything ? Do we not really trust our doctors , constantly thinking that we are being misdiagnosed because we feel a certain way or these physical symptoms really are happening to us but we choose not to believe that we could be creating these things in her own head and actually feel the physical symptom of something being wrong ? Something has got to give ! I think this is affecting my nerves as I became shaky and recently had a urinary track infection but now I believe that my kidneys might be messing up on me . I have frequent urination , And the shaky feeling throughout my whole body sometimes it's very unpleasant . Not wanting to be left alone in fear that you will pass out and die . I also have a yearly woman exam coming up and the anticipation of the appointment has me on edge thinking that they might find something wrong . The reason why have a hard time believing that this is all anxiety related is because I cannot believe that I can make myself feel this way that I can make myself feel physically sick without A medical reason as to why am feeling this way . Even on the days I feel good I sit around waiting to feel bad again it's like I can't embrace the fact that I feel good for a change even if it is for a brief time of day . Any input would be greatly appreciated .

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  • Man o man. I almost thought this was me posting this. I had to read the name on the post to be certain it wasn't my post. But I know EXACTLY what you mean. Every single word in your post is exactly what I am feeling, thinking, and going through right now. And it is mind blowing. So no you are not alone. I have become so consumed in my thoughts I don't even think I have a second some times of peace or relaxing thoughts. And even in the momentsame that I feel ok or not having physical symptoms I still ANTICIPATE on something bad coming right around the corner. The anticipating of it is the worse because it keeps my mind consume constantly. I truly have the hardest time believe this can all be anxiety. I constantly live in fear of death that it has interrupted my sleep badly. I am so sleep deprived. I'm always thinking of my health. I have urinary issues a few times as well. Constantly going to the bathroom like every 30 minutes. I had a health scare which I think started my whole anxiety coming back but I was told I had kidney function issues as well which scared me to death. I couldn't relax I kept thinking about it. Then I finally seen a kidney specialist last week and said my kidneys are good. No kidney issues. But I know it traumatized me when I first heard anything dealing with my kidneys. But now even after getting that good news I'm still on to the next worry thinking all the time about what else could be wrong. Now my weight issue is my biggest concern because I lost so much weight with all this. My appetite is so messed up. Stomach issues keep me from wanting to eat. It's a never ending cycle. So it's like how can I not be constantly worries about my health if every time I look up theres an unpleasant feeling or issue that comes on. But trust me. I know exactly how you feel. And oh yeah my dizziness and head pressure gets me thw most and thinking I have brain issues.

  • Yes yes yes !!! I have lost weight too and my appetite hasn't been the same so this all began in June ! Then I thought oh your losing weight because you have cancer! Wth ! I just want to be over this !

  • Wow me too. Mine started in june too. Lol. June 14th to be exact. I mark that date because that when my life changed. I mean I dropped so much weight I thought (and still do some times) that I have hiv, cancer, you name it. But my problem is with the doctora they don't check for everything possible that it could be. Like the cancer thought. It's like what if there is an undiscovered illness that lying around and all they wanna check blood for is the common shit like thyroid, diabetes, anemia, blood sugar stuff like that. And soon as those test come and if it negative then that's all the test they care to run. They won't go any further to see if there any other problems. And oh yeah don't let them find out or know you have anxiety issues. Them jokers will straight up put everything off on that. No if ands. Lol. I'm beginning to hate doctors. I've spent so much money since june going back and forth to get blood works (basically same ones) over and over. Going to the er plenty. So plenty of bills headed my way. It's almost like I have to go back to work now to make up for all the money I've spent all since june

  • My hell started on June 13th ! And yes they already know I have anxiety. I'm going to straight up ask them if they view me differently! The only reason I got health anxiety is because on that one issue. I'm only 29 years old I feel like I'm to young to feel like this !

  • I feel ya. I'm 35 and still feel like I have too much life ahead of me to be going through this. Most of all.I have 2 daughters. I need to be myself again for them.

  • I feel you ! I have one daughter she is 4 years old. She is my life ! I feel so bad because she sees me cry a lot .

  • Same here. I cry do much. Its so hard to be in a good mood when going through all of this

  • hi id like to help make u feel better i think you should go to ur gp and enquire abt counciling ciz then u will have simeone to talk this out to anxiety and nerves cab be really over welming and nit nice at all the only i can suggest as a wat of coping is write things down so u can make sense of eveeything and try distacting urself doing somethg enjoyable a walk maybe something that will take u away from that anxious feeling which i really do know how it feels ur not alone on that.we sometimes over think things and build eveeything up in our own heads and its very tiring take time to relax anyway i really hope iv helped u best wishes👍

  • im totally with you, how can we over cone alot of this

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