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I don't believe it's anxiety

I have been going round and round in circles for a year and half now about this "anxiety" 

For the last 3 weeks have had what I started with all those months ago, really bad back ache, it feels knotted, my neck feels tight I get this odd tingling sensation up my neck and into the back of my head. I get pins and needles in my head and arms. And I am CONSTANTLY off balance/light headeded sometimes it's so bad that not even laying or sitting helps. I can't concentrate I feel sick at times.

I've had an MRI of my brain so I know it's not that, but what's to say I don't have some kind of nerve damage? Problem with my back? I get an awful pain in my groin (kinda like the feeling after you've been to the gym) where I can sometimes not even walk or lift my leg up.

Surely... This is NOT anxiety

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I was reading this and thought of so many on here including myself , worth a read it gives you something to think about whether you relate  or not once you have read it :-)

Take Care x


Wow! I read the article that's amazing. Thanks, for sharing! 

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Its a really good article I can relate to her alot. But in the end she had still had something awful happen in her life :( x


O typical anxiety sufferer straight in on the negative at the end :-D

If we don't change our mind set we will always be the way we are , I know it is not easy but at some stage we have to learn to trust and like my friend said to me years ago , why do you go to the Doctors and waste her time when you come back and have not believed a word she has said ....I sat and thought about it and I thought that is a point why do I ....well of course because anxiety told me not to trust her ....but then what was the point in me going if I was not going to take any notice ? so I slowly decided I would trust her and was the best thing I ever did , it is a start then to dealing with all this trust who you go for advice from and if you don't trust them find someone you can :-) x


Many of us think the same. Dizziness used to be one of my worst symptoms, sometimes it still is. I get aches and pains all over, strange tingles and strange head sensations too. It can cause all kinds of strange things. My doctor told me once to concentrate on my hand for a few minutes and think of nothing else, I did and it began to feel strange, tingly, I didn't like it, and he said that's how powerful our minds can be, you've noticed something that 5 minutes ago wasn't a problem. I still need to think of it this way myself, which I find hard, maybe it will help you? 

Go back to your doctor and maybe they will run some more tests or some counseling

Hope your feeling better x


I went through about 3 weeks of not feeling dizzy at all and I felt SO GOOD!

I've had the following:

MRI scan of my brain

x2 nueroglosy tests

x3 chest x rays

x4 ECGs of my heart

x2 eye tests

blood tests for, chelostral, diabities, blood clots, general


I HAVE THE EXACT SAME THING! I made an appointment to get tested for MS... The tingling feeling and spasms and stuff could be because of anxiety!?


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