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Struggling with anxiety

So it has became a year i am struggling with anxiety. It's my 3rd month from summer break, yet i haven't stepped outside of my house. I am constantly (well 24/7) struggling with physical symptoms, such as:

- Weakness in arms and legs

- Headaches

- Fatigue

- Nausea

- Sometimes hard breathing

- Dizziness

- Feeling really hot

- Eye floaters

- Visual snow

- Feeling overwhelmed

I just cannot convince myself that this is anxiety. I have checked my blood 3 times, and i had no problem in it. I keep worrying that i am sick, and when I am outside i think that I'm going to faint, or gonna get sick. And this DID happen a lot in school last year, well of course because of anxiety. I have skipped like a month. I also got a derealization disorder, and OCD because of this. I cannot control these thoughts. I have completely left my friends. Never been outside in these months. I feel unable to go outside. I am really scared. I wan't to be normal, just as i was a year ago. What do I do to stop these symptoms? How do I start getting motivation to go outside? I am really young, and I'm very worried, because I am starting school soon, but I am feeling unable to go. I tried therapy, didn't work.

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Hey, just want to let you know your not alone. I've been experiencing these exact symptoms the past 2 months. What type of head aches do you have? Pressure? My head feels like it's about to explode and when I try to fall asleep I get light headed and jolt awake. I finally decided to go see a doctor and get on some meds. I have an appointment tomorrow.


Thanks for answering.

Yes, i feel pressure in my head exactly as you described. I tried taking some meds, i forgot how were they called and they make my headache stop, thankfully.


I;m Not an expert on anxiety and have only ever had the extra anxiety that depression can bring which does n't really count but:-

it may be hard for you to believe, probably impossible but I suspect that most if not all of these symptoms are due purely to anxiety. This is difficult as this is a psychological problem not well understood. But physical medicine is pretty well understood and is almost a science in most areas.

List all your symptoms and see your GP, list them so all your concerns are addressed. If your GP can find no physical reason why you have these symptoms you can bet your boots that there are almost certainly no physical reasons . After all physical medicine is very close to being a science and your GP's opinion should be believed. They have no reason to lie. That won't help you much as you will then know this is psychological ,which doctors understand far less.

But the good news is that there are treatments for anxiety and your GP will almost certainly know them. he will be on shakier ground here but he/she is in a much better position to help you than you are. Your part is to have the courage and resolution to see your GP. Thats why you and I pay to support the NHS. get your money's worth and see your GP.

I don't mean to underestimate the problems you have ,or minimise them ,but you have to take the steps to initiate help and your GP is the first step.

Wishing you luck and be well. Olderal


Thanks for the answer.

I have already visited my GP, she is certain that all of those are anxiety symptoms. But I still somehow cannot believe it, i am convinced that it is more than anxiety, that it is some kind of illness, even though i know this is not true, I still cannot get it out of my head.


I suspect you want to believe it is an illness . If you know it is not true then to all intents and purposes you do not believe it's an illness .

As I said I have n't had anxiety in itself, just the anxiety depression can bring (when things look black one is bound to be a little anxious.) so maybe I don't totally understand.

Humans are rational beings (we hope). If you really know and accept something is untrue you cannot believe it unless ,perhaps subconsciously, you want to believe it. If someone asked you do you have a physical illness would you answer yes,or maybe if you believed it was not a physical illness? The honest answer could only be no.

There is no easy answer unfortunately, you have to get your mind around this . You are supposed to be in charge of your mind, not the other way around.

This is all easy for me to say , not so easy for you to accept, but only you can get there. No one else but you can really control your mind.

I still think there maybe is a prescription to help you with this but GPs may be reluctant to prescribe drugs to someone young, in which case you have to be brave and work at really believing its not a physical illness.


Hi Mittensque, I do see where you are coming from and sometimes this feels real. I found help and talked. you need someone you can talk to. it's is amazing how much we can imagine. you are normal but many things change the way we feel. Weather, sleep, medication, hormones. Many things. See a doctor and tell them how you feel.

you are not alone feeling like this.


Thanks. I talked to my family, and it actually worked a bit. x


I have suffered the same for years. Same symptoms 24/7. It's baffling. I've tried meds and nothing seems to help. Best of luck.


Ah, best of luck to you too, i don't think this will last forever though, or atleast i do not want to believe so but it really is strange how there is no actual cure for this. Anyways I really hope you will feel better too xx


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