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GAD causes Insomnia due to physical symptoms


I wrote a post a week ago regarding numbness and paresthesia in limbs when trying to sleep. It's now gotten to a point where I lay awake anticipating these bodily sensations which leads me to never fall asleep. If I even relax or drift off physical symptoms are there to remind me. It's been a vicious cycle and not sleeping is heightening my anxieties and worry.

To backtrack, I've come across some unknown health issues which tests are being run. I do believe that this is leaving me in this anxious state of not knowing. In the meantime until I know I don't anticipate that the insomnia will stop.

I've already increased my effexor during this time and even taking clonazopam during the nights when I panic that I can't sleep. Do my breathing exercises, pray, drink sleepy teas, but nothing seems to work...

I want to rest but as soon I do my arm or some other part of my body goes numb, twitches, or shakes me out of trying to get any sleep.

Can anyone attest to this as well?

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Hey Caddycat, sorry to hear that you have been struggling with getting to sleep, I have had anxiety for years now. I do sometimes twitch when falling asleep and it wakes me up suddenly too, but other people without anxiety get twitching before sleeping as well, there is some sort of scientific reason behind it too but you will have to look it up as i can't remember it properly, but is nothing to worry about. I also get real bad insomnia too so I feel your pain with that too. I find reading helps, have you got a kindle? if so try putting it a bit further away from you so its straining your eyes slightly, this makes your eyes feel heavier and it makes me fall asleep, granted sometimes on top of the kindle, but hey, at least i got to sleep, also turn the brightness down whilst reading, reading a book you enjoy also gives your mind a break from anxiety. If you don't have a kindle use a normal book in low lighting. Might sound like a crazy idea but it works for me :-)

I don't take any medication because i don't want to, so am not sure what the meds are what you are on, maybe check the side effects of those too.

I hope this helps and that your test results come back ok


Caddycat in reply to sophih

Thank you. I've done alot to help take my mind off my physical ailments. Look at magazine, write a journal etc. Right when I get tired I try to sleep and bam it hits again.

The medicines I've taken all before with great success. But this time feels like it's not doing a very good job or I'm just impatient for it to work.

Thankyou for your response. Just trying my best not to let this break me.

sophih in reply to Caddycat

I can't sleep with out any sound especially if i'm extra worried about something, maybe try watching films in bed or put cds on whilst in bed and forget about trying to sleep.

It will get better you will you will get to sleep also don't sleep in the day and go out and have some fun in the day and surround yourself with the things you love.

You can beat it and it won't break you, keep your chin up and I hope you feel better soon :-)

Caddycat in reply to sophih

Thankyou for believing in me. Everyone has been trying to encourage me through this but at times it's hard to look at it from the outside.

Having a good night's rest would make all the difference but my stupid limbs always wake me or don't allow me to sleep.

I guess we'll see when I get my results from my MRI.

Just in case you didn't Google it.... you twitch when falling asleep because your breathing and heart rate slow down to a point that the body needs them to speed up again so the brain sends an electric pulse through a part of your body to wake you up slightly. It's a gene we share with dolphins that use it to stay under water for longer in one breath and is perfectly normal.

I get it all the time but like you, I struggle to sleep constantly. Hope this helped you =)

I'm so sorry to hear what you're going through, I hope it gets better and I hope you find the answers you're looking for, hang in there and if you need anyone to talk too we're all here and may God bless you 😊 please hold on to hope you can do this, don't give up and don't let this run your life, hopefully you'll get some rest soon