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Fear of physical symptoms


I tend to over think and dwell on my physical symptoms. My severe anxiety seems to be fueled by my “scary" physical symptoms. For the last couple days I've been experiencing some burning in my chest along with shooting pain. This physical symptom is nothing new but why I'm freaking out is because I read a comment on here yesterday that somebody had a heart attack and it started out as heart burn like symptoms. Ever since reading that I've been more aware and more scared. I don't know why I sit and ruminate on something that I read. Just because I read it doesn't mean it's going to happen to me. Am I the only one that feels this way.

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No definately not. I am like you i have so many syrange symptoms legs that sting and tingle. Don't feel normal walking round. Burining stinging back sometimes top of stomache. I can not zseem to get any answers alwaus told anxiety. Over all these strange symptoms. Nothing i do makes them stay away. So no your not alone.

Ajrea2 in reply to Dorsey

Thank you.

It happens to me to on occasion. Lately I've been having back pain and I've messed up my back do to my previous job. Someone mention kidney pain and thought it was back pain but really it was their kidney. So now I'm thinking is this my kidney that's bothering me or my back!

Your not alone. I hope you find a way to relaxes your thoughts.

Hugs to you.

Ajrea2 in reply to Michael8072

Thank you. I hope your back feels better soon

Michael8072 in reply to Ajrea2

Thank you. Hope you start feeling better soon.

Physical symptoms are definitely the worst part of anxiety in my opinion. Anxiety also manifests a ton of random super uncomfortable symptoms. While it could just be a random stress pain caused by anxiety (which could be likely), have you ever had issues with acid reflux at all? It could very well cause a burning/shooting pain feeling.

I’m experiencing it right now! Haha.

All of those.

Nope you are definitely not alone! I honestly felt like I was having a heart attack everyday for months. I’m a firefighter/Paramedic so I see sick people all the time. Sometimes I think we’ll of it can happen to them it can happen to me. The brain is a scary tool which can be used to either heal or hurt us. Just know that there are a lot of people like us and we aren’t alone. We have each other’s back on here. :)

Ajrea2 in reply to Ffightereng3

Thank you so much. It sure helps knowing I'm not alone.i can get stuck in my head and dwell in the negative.

You are certainly not alone. The intrusive thoughts and being stuck in tunnel vision. I also get like that when i read or hear about some illness or sickness or death of someone and I start convincing myself its gonna happen to me. And its like once my mind goes there it is soooooo hard to get out of that thought. I wish us the best and recovery.

Wow! So glad I am not alone.

not at all for me if i read in the newspaper about someone dying i fear it too or watch shows i get that same feeling you are not alone.

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