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Anxiety Physical Symptoms

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I'm in real need of some advice to ease my mind. I'm really struggling with a whole bunch of physical symptoms that I just can't accept are anxiety. A few weeks ago I was having severe lower right side pain and went to the ER multiple times in fear of appendicitis. The doctors did tests and assured me its not that. I'm still getting the pain weeks later and not sure why. Anyway, as a result of that plus my anxiety, I missed alot of school and now I'm extremely far behind. I have several assignment deadlines and I'm no where near done. The stress is so bad that I can barely function. I also have alot of other issues going on in my life that are really affecting me. The physical symptoms are killing me. One goes away, and the next one starts. Right now, I'm having trouble breathing, a feeling of something stuck in my throat, lightheadedness, and dizziness. These symptoms are quite constant and are really freaking me out as I feel like I will pass out or suffocate any second! I'm scared to eat, go out, or do anything really. Plus its hard for me to walk because of the dizziness. I'm also having back pain, stomach pain, nausea, random tingly sensations everywhere, headaches, brain fog, feeling like im in a dream (depersonalization), etc.. Im seeing a therapist but I feel like I'm just too overwhelmed for any strategies to work. Im convinced there's something physically wrong with me and scared that I have an illness that the doctors are missing. Its also Saturday evening and all the clinics are closed so I cant go back to one. I'm really scared and don't know what to do anymore. I broke down crying earlier and I just feel like I can't go on. Please help me :( 

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Your symptoms are like every one else has.  Makes you feel like you are going crazy.  Have you read the other posts?  Read them it might just ease your mind some.  Wish I could be of more help but I am new to 5his too.  Have you tried the breathing?

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Tat122 in reply to Roma26

Thank you for answering. I'm reading some other posts right now and it is reassuring knowing other people feel the same way. But I always end up convincing myself that mine is somehow different and more serious. I've tried deep breathing but that only helps a little. I feel like my anxiety is too high for that to fully work. Anxiety sucks :( 

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Lynne53 in reply to Tat122

It does love, it's awful. You're in a bit of a catch 22 situation at the moment. Your head is too full of deadlines to practice any strategies discussed with your therapist. When you're in the grip of anxiety ( and you are) it's almost impossible to focus and use the part of the brain that deals with reasoning. I found reading articles online and YouTube enormously helpful. Until you can focus again this is what you MUST do. Don't react with fear to your symptoms. Acknowledge them then let them happen and just float through them as calmly as you can safe in the knowledge that they are just a physical reaction to stress and your body is very well equipped to deal with them. No harm will come to you. Anxiety is a bully, it feeds off your fear. Don't react, it may send you new strong symptoms but again, don't react with fear. Watch how it looses its power, see how pathetic it becomes. Don't loose faith if it wins now and again and you have a set back, that's normal. Just continue to see the symptoms for what they are, very unpleasant but harmless. Remember don't feed it with fear. 👌👍💐

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Tat122 in reply to Lynne53

Thank you for your sweet reply. I feel a little calmer already after reading your response. I will try the advice you have given me. Thank you again😊

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petercod in reply to Roma26


Hi Tat.   It sounds like you are really struggling not only with the physical symptoms but with questioning whether the doctors have missed something  and that you might have something more serious going on.  You's called heightened anxiety.  Yours is acute right now and is hitting  you with every possible symptom it can.  I was once in the same position as you are.  Afraid of the weekends and holidays when the clinics may be closed or my doctor not on call.  It was a nightmare for me.  Had a team of doctors including a  neurologist to try and get some answers so that I would know what I'm fighting.  That's were I made my mistake, fighting.  You cannot fight anxiety, you must accept it and until you do the anxiety bully will keep after you.  It plays with your mind until you feel you can't go on anymore.  

This is when you need to break the cycle that you are in.  Medication may be needed for a very short time while you receive some therapy in order to learn some techniques to use when having these feelings.  Right now you are so overwhelmed with having so many physical issues to deal with.

Once the anxiety cycle is broken you will find that the panic will lessen and  you will become more in control.   This is a supportive community with many knowledgeable people who can help you through this.    I wish  you the best in feeling better.    xx

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Tat122 in reply to Agora1

Thank you so much. I really appreciate it. It helps to know others have felt the same way I do. :) 

Have you been checked for Lyme disease and all co-infections including Babesia, bartonella and ehrlichia? Have you been checked for POTS syndrome? Does your heart rate increase more than 30 beats when you stand up? 

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loglegmomma in reply to Ag27

I was going to ask that too... Tick Borne Relapsing Fever gave me every imaginable symptom, including pain everywhere, palpitations, nausea, dizziness, fogginess and anxiety.

My last titer came back negative, but the anxiety & pains are back full force, so I'm afraid it's either a false negative or something else is going on.

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Ag27 in reply to loglegmomma

I would get tested by Igenex and find an LLMD - a Lyme literate Doctor.  You may have other coinfections that haven't been treated.  Lyme can detect and evade antibiotics.  They change shape and are very smart.  

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loglegmomma in reply to Ag27

I did do the Igenex at the beginning & it just showed a couple positives, so a couple of doctors said not Lyme.  I was persistent then WHAT is reacting so my GP sent me to an infectious disease doctor who treats tick borne illnesses.  His daughter had the same thing I have so he runs a specific titer for it.

He did say some of the symptoms can take a long time to heal or can become chronic from nerve damage.

anxiety symptoms is the worst I really hate it. My physical symptoms is usually the same but also tend to differ at times setting me in panic again.

My symptoms   are constant chest pain that radiates on both sides of my chest just above my breasts. Its like a sudden sharp pain stays a few seconds and then just stops it goes to my shoulder blades as well.

I use to feel a lot of jaw pain but its not that bad anymore. Sharp pains in my cheek bones. I get arm pains like a sharp then dull shooting pain in the inner part of my left arm. Sometimes I get like this burning sensation in my chest and shoulders and back and that freaks me out also pain under my breasts both sides just by my ribcage.

This morning I woke up with left ribcage pain that felt really bad I just breathed and thought to myself this is anxiety just calm down. I am currently on Homeopathic medicine so some symptoms seem to have approved.

I use to get like numb pinkie and ring fingers on my left hand and right hand at night no matter what position I was sleeping. Sudden hot sensations on my toes very creepy!!!

So yes I also ask how is all these symptoms anxiety related??? Our minds I think is just sooooooo powerful.

God bless


I have all of those!  Heat & zaps & it often feels like a bite or a stab.  What homeopathy is helping?

yes I believe there is some improvement on the homeopathic treatment.

Don't have the dizziness anymore and feeling of spaced out either. Jaw pain not that much anymore. I was feeling extremely good within the 3 day of taking the drops till one off my colleagues gave me the feaken fright of my life.... people just don't get what anxiety is and how a simple thing like a fright can do so much damage. So I spoke to my homeopathic doctor and she gave me drops for anxiety when it really hits. I do feel so much better. But I still have that mind set of maybe, maybe  not 

That's great to hear you're finding relief!  I'm sorry to hear about your colleague & hope that's better now.  Do you know what the anxiety drops are?

I don't really know because I will just go and google everything about it and get myself in a panic.  Google oh gosh now there is another COD problem. 

i dont know what is in it as far as i know they mix it specially for ones needs...going to see another homeopathic doctor satersay

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Hiiii. . How did you overcome all these symptoms? I have exactly the same and it's making my life miserable. I just don't know what to do really stresses out 😣😣😣😣

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NotToday in reply to antianxiety

Hello, how are your symptoms now? Whay homeopathic medicines were you using?

I started having anxiety a couple of months ago. It was really acute, heightened, very scary. Now I accepted my anxiety, and I try to control it with deep breathing and psycho-analysis. 

I would get all crazy physical symptoms. After many medical check-ups doctors would say that I'm fine except for some minor hormone imbalance but that's due to constant stress. Now it's much better even though I still have difficulty breathing sometimes, feeling tightness in chest and neck strain. It's getting better!!

I would highly recommend you to change your lifestyle and opt for a healthier one. Just change your life and get rid of the things you don't like and which make you feel bad. Over time, not fast, but you will manage to keep your anxiety under control or even eliminate it completely! 

Remember, it's all about the mind!

Read Louise Hay, you'll find her words of wisdom very helpful!

Love your body for it to love you back!

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antianxiety in reply to Rhea31

I agree 100% in being a healthier me and a healthy lifestyle.  Believe me I have changed my lifestyle completely and only eat what's good for my body. Natural herbs and spices. I do yoga and try to be active. II know the mind is so powerful so if I could maybe accept that it's only anxiety maybe that would be a step closer to recovery

Maybe even the changes you've made are not enough,and you might even need to break some toxic relationships, or work on some of them. Maybe you need to change your residence, country, as it can definitely aid in starting a new life. Well, that's what has helped me, and I'm thinking about relocating to a sunnier place. 

I have experienced almost all of your symptoms! THEY ARE HORRIBLE I know, The worst one is feeling like your in a dream or detached from reality, you feel like one day you might loose it and get out of control. keep in mind the this is anxiety and it can never harm you severely and it is physically impossible to go out of control or die. The best way to get rid of anxiety is to focus on other things like school. I am in high school and I'm trying to cope with grades and anxiety, whenever I start HW I feel lightheaded, fidgety and anxious but just ride the wave and get HW and school work out of the way because when you think about it anxiety can't harm you to the extent of loosing your life (this ones up to u) and when you get school work out of the way it reduces the anxiety of school so overall it reduces anxiety!

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