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Hi I've been advised to go see a councillor dude to my anxiety and depression dude to what happened to me 40 years ago I kept it to my self for all them years a couple of months ago I told my wife and family witch made me feel worse it brought all back to me again I don't know if it was better keepingit in or letting it out . Everything on tv reminds me know of what happened to me I feel imbarrased and ashamed but I keep telling myself it wasn't my fault

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Hi markrobo, you took the first step in seeing a counselor. You cannot get rid of your anxiety and depression if you hold those memories in. Telling your wife and family may have made you feel worse but eventually with further therapy you will start to heal. I am sorry you had to endure this suffering all these years due to something that wasn't your fault. I wish you success in continued therapy. Never be ashamed or embarrassed for something you didn't cause. Wishing you well.


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