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Hey people today I am going to see the doctor for my head pressure. By the way over two months ago I started to have health anxiety and I would tend to stress a lot and worry about lot. At first I felt that something was something stuck in my throat and then that went away. The next day I started to feel head pressure until I went to see a social worker and after that I started to feel better and that head pressure feeling went away. Then a few weeks later or a month or two went byou my anxiety is bad again and then that stupid head pressure came back. So that is why I am going to see the doctor for it.

So please somebody respond and what should I expect from the doctor about my problem

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Read my posts on my page..

Head pressure is a common symptom associated with anxiety I have been given medication but they may do further tests just to rule out anything else

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Hello gemetro x yes I can associate with what you are going through x deep head aches feels like lump in throat etc I've found I just keep a bottle of water with me all the time x does help and jyst try to relax your self and mind x put your mind on something else when you feel a lump in the throat as the more you worry about it the worse it gets x nit nice at all these symptoms x

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I had that feeling for months when I was having bad anxiety.

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