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Hi I'm new , love reading other people's story, here's mine 😊

Diagnosed with having severe Anxiety last year, had all ECG and bloods done (all good)

Put on sertraline (50mg) after a major melt down where I was screaming and hitting myself and feeling like I was going mad !! It took weeks for the meds to work and finally they did. I went back to work after being off for 3 months.

I still have really bad days, where I feel dizzy, palpy, sick and whooshing and fear it all coming back, but I breath through it all and just rest ( like I have had to do all weekend)

I know I need CBT as I still worry an awful lot about my little family, and I still worry that

I am going to pass out or something dreadful is going to happen to me, so that is my next step.

But yes I do feel better, I cope better and one day hope to get rid of this awful thing πŸ˜‹

Good luck out there, I will keep reading blogs and hope you will chat back to me too πŸ™πŸ»


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  • hi, thank you for sharing! cbt is a great thing! i did it for almost three years! i still go!

  • What type of things do they do and ask ? I did the phone call that lasted all of 10 seconds and at the time I felt great and I heard no more. Thankyou x

  • well i live in the us so it might be different, but i dont think so. we just meet every week and talk about everything going on in my life. its very helpful. i try to write about how i feel during the week and whats going on. i still struggle but it helps to have someone there that does not know you and can offer outside advice.

  • In the uk, we have to ring a number first and they ask you a few questions and see how you are. As I was well that day I think they thought that I was dealing with things pretty well .

    But I will certainly try again !!

  • This is a great introduction if you are on the waiting list for CBT :

  • It's nice teemarie, to have someone know what's really going on in our lives. The medical doctors don't have that kind of time. xx

  • I'm here if you need me , πŸ™πŸ»

  • A big thank you...

  • Thankyou 😊

  • I did CBT a cpl years ago, which did help initially, but once the course finished I soon slipped back into my old ways of not wanting to go out alone, paranoid everyone's looking at me etc, fearful of getting knocked over by a car, or worrying that I'll fall over in the road, the typical irrational thoughts we all get 😁

    My doc has suggested I go back & do some more CBT, so I'm considering it x

  • Do you have therapy?

  • No not yet but I'm looking into it , I have a great book called "the worry trick"

    By David A Carbonelle PhD give it a try x

  • Dr. Carbonelle is good....

  • His Anxiety work book is good too x

  • I was going to therapy and I stopped last year I should had kept going I might had save myself from meds. But I am seeing a psychiatrist Tuesday I can't wait to get my life back. I just feel dizzy at times and a little anxiety but it's only been 5 days got a book as well πŸ™πŸ½

  • You will get your life back Hun !!! I know it's early days yet but you will get there. Each week you will start to see an improvement .

    I still have dizzy days, but now I'm not scared of them, I just say oh here we go again !! Lol

    Let me know how you get on on Tuesday though x

  • Thanks for the positivity that's what I need the most :)

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