Am I going crazy, am I going to die. Everyday I have a new symptom. I went to my doctor yesterday, my vitals are good, all of my test are good but I feel like I am going to just die. Symptom after Symptom, cant go to sleep, cant stay awake, cant eat, keep having to go to the rest room, anxious, panicky, depressed, shivering, chills, gloomy, doomed, shaky, tingling, aches, pains, pounding heart, palpitations. You name it, I got it. Help, anybody please Help!


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  • try going on, i get all of these too and there is a bit on there website that tells you all about it and how its a normal body response. trust me i broke into tears of relief when i was reading it and felt better after reading it

  • Thank you Shuggz,

    Thank you so much! I will do that right now.

  • its from the scottish nhs and its really helpful its like a guide on it and how to beat it

  • I just printed the information. Its a lot. I'm happy! Thank you

  • hope it helps

  • hope it helps

  • This exactly to the t how I feel sometimes I'm sorry you feel like that I know how horrible it feels me I try my hardest to get my mind off it

  • Hi Lulu91,

    I pray that you find peace and get over your anxiety. I'm working real hard to beat this! Blessings to you!

  • Dude I am living with It from Past 4 months Every day I have new symptoms .All tests good,Don't know when this all will end or it will ever end or not :(

  • Hi @fedup23,

    I pray that you get over yours immediately! I've been dealing with mine for 20 years. Blessings to you!

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