Suffering 1 month of headaches

Hello everyone ive feel like i"m going crazy head feels full. & tightness burning pain i have all types of pain had CAT scam done nothing had MRI done waiting on results & this by far is the worse feeling ive ever had not knowing & waiting someone help me out been 30 days my neck hurts & sometimes my back have the same burning feeling in 1 area i do have a herniated disk in neck can my headaches calls all this to go awire??


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  • Back when I was in middle school and high school I would average 5-6 headaches a week for multiple years. This was before I had panic and anxiety. I had a CT, eyes checked, allergy tested, my PCP multiple times. They could never find anything wrong with me. I eventually grew out of them or they magically disappeared thankfully. However I told myself obviously it was nothing serious because they never found anything and they went on for so long. If there is something wrong they will find it. If they find nothing consider yourself lucky in a way. And hopefully you get the same relief I did!

  • Thanks its very scary to go from having this full life to it being disruptive with headaches hopefully. I feel better soon thanks for responding!!

  • Hi Gloria. I felt the same. Nothing to be worry about. This is called a tension headache. Caused by tension muscle around our head and neck (sometimes also shoulders) bcs we r being tense/nervous/anxious. It will be gone when u r relax and have a clear positive mind.

    Don't worry!

  • I went to the doctors a few months ago for symptoms of feeling sick and no appetite and sweating hands and feet. I had a blood test and everything came back ok and he put it down to anxiety and slowly my symptoms started to fade and i felt normal again and this past week i have had this pressure feeling in my head lasting all day and everyday, it's not so much painful but it's just like a heavy head and I'm 22 and worrying alot now

  • Thats the feelingbi get dont know if its aniexty or tension cause its very scary i try & think what did i do when this feeling started was i thinking about something more than likely i was moving , finances children stressing me so yeah i can see where it comes from hope u feel better its not a good feeling at all

  • Thats the issue you worrying when you dont even know that you are so our body is like a spung its taking all this in & this is how it manifest in our head

  • I noticed once i calmed down & stop thinking about whatever was bothering me & wasnt even sure that i was thinking about anything obviously i was so the rest of the day i watched Martin to make me laugh it helped alot thank you so glad to have found this thread!!

  • Do you still get the headaches now and do they last all day like mine do?

  • Yes i still have off & on they not constant but now i experience the head pressure feeling its not pain its like a tight band around my head & sometimes my head feels tender to a pillow ik it sounds crazy how about you

  • It's not crazy, I've had this feeling in my head for about 1 week now and it has been constant and lasting all day and everyday, I'm not sure what it is but it doesn't really hurt, it's just like a pressure in my head i guess but it's effecting my daily life and i can't stop thinking the worst

  • See thats how i felt yesterday it came out off nowhere but once it left i noticed i was a little frustrated earlier & thinking about my move to another state i was actually thinking about things that was bothering is it subconsciously. But once i noticed the head pressure i tried to calm down but not at 1st i panic which made it worse

  • The thing is aswell i have read a lot of people say the medication they have been given has made it worse or given them bad side effects so i want to avoid medication but i just don't feel like this head feeling will ever go away and it's depressing

  • What are you doing when this heavy feeling start

  • Nothing, i wake up and it's already there, i don't get a minute to feel normal and most of the day I'm just thinking about it and searching on the internet about it as well

  • Thats me & the internet makes it worse! I stopped googling it drives me crazy i wake up feeling like that also i pray in my head let today be a good day then i try & think happy thoughts

  • Hello, i hope you can reply, i have this same feeling, plus it's like dizziness i feel like my head is heavy or something, sometimes i want to pull my heir or hit my head on the wall so it can go... It's been like this for months now. What about you?

  • Hello Sarah all, Idk if you talking to me Or mrsamsouth i have a feeling of pressure innmy head & ear cloggs really bad for about 30 seconds or so then it releases & does this all day long sometimes i dont pay attention to it. Never gotten a answer to what it really is like rught now just writing this makes me notice it

  • Have you gone to a Dr to see about it please dont let google tell you whats wrong

  • I will go to the doctors on monday i think, i hate being such a anxious person because the more i think about it the worse i feel and can't get negative thoughts out of my head

  • I"m here for you i know how you feel its easy to say calm down like who wants to feel this way nobody but just try to find something to take the edge off the more you think about it the more its going to bother you i wish you relief cause its frustrating & that dont help either

  • Thank you, I'm going to try and stay calm but it's just difficult when it's your head that's the problem, it's not to think about it because it's always their bothering me

  • Belive me i know i"m dealing with it today no headache thank God but the fear of what if is there ive been talking to my kids to keep my mind off of thinns i go back to the Dr monday praying for good results

  • Good luck! I'm sure you'll be fine, you don't have a headache today so surely that's a good sign

  • Thats bc i"m not stressing or constantly thinking about it i noticed when i do they start back up or i think of something that makes me upset it starts up again what are you taking for yours & is there other symptoms like neck shoulder pain

  • I've only taken a couple of paracetamol and no not any other pains i think my headache and pressure is in my forehead mostly, did you have any pain from the forehead?

  • My was top & back of head now its a band feeling around the base from temple to back base to other temple this not painfull this is pressure

  • Mine seems to be in the front of my head so maybe i have something different

  • Goodmorning how are you feeling today

  • Hello, the same really, I'm still constantly thinking about it and worrying so not sure that is helping but i still have a weak headache, I'm not sure if i should just keep taking paracetamol or not

  • Whats the med for?? Really hate to hear that u cant help but worry when it dont go away but me & u both knows that makes it worse are drinking pops eatting processed foods

  • Just normal paracetamol tablets for headaches and pains. I have read that depression and anxiety can cause long lasting headaches but i still fear the worst and not sure this hot weather is helping as well

  • Most definitely the weathers not helping no i wouldn't stop taking your meds. Your going to be fine just try & calm down & not let your aniexty take over you might be having a tension headaches & the more you think about it that means its not going to go anywhere do you get good sleep

  • I sleep about 6 hours so not so bad but i used to have 8 hours easily, my head feels abit hot today, not sure if it's from the sun or not

  • Mrsamsouth, when having chronic headaches, as Francine23 stated, they can come from tension/muscular contraction headaches from stress. I suffered from them for years along with migraines. I knew the difference and addressed them accordingly. The thing to remember with any type of chronic headache is NOT to get in the habit of taking pain medication on a regular basis. You will not only get rebound headaches but your body will get dependent on the medication and no longer work. Try finding other modalities that can help you through the pain.. Relaxation and deep breathing helps anything.

    Going on YouTube and typing in Relief of Headache Pain may talk you through alleviating your pain through meditation.

    Know that this one day will pass as well... x

  • Just finding it really difficult to think this will go away as it has been for about 1 week now and last all day, my head feels a bit hot today but not sure if it's from the heat

  • I understand how hard it is to believe it will go away at this time. But also know as you worry about it not leaving, it adds more stress to the already over sensitized nervous system.

    When in chronic pain, pain relievers are not the way to go. Your doctor should be able to put you on something else that will bring up the Endorphin levels. Sometimes even a prophylactic medication which will stop the headaches from coming on, is an option.

  • Thats what ive been saying it only makes it worse i know its hard not to think about it but ik it will make it worse i hope relief comes for her bc its the worrying that making it bad i think mines bothering me to but i ignore it if its not to painful & it gors away

  • Gloria_carr, You are exactly correct. Hope you feel better today. x

  • Ive been doing things to keep busy to not think about it i have a little tension on the side but its not extreme i keep moving & smiling

  • I have only took 2 paracetamol a day, can a tension headache last 24/7 and for 1 week straight?

  • Is that a yes or a no?

  • Mrsamsouth, yes tension headaches go on and on unless the trigger points are addressed. There's little knots in the lower back of the head as well as in our neck and shoulders. It gives us referred pain in our head.

    Physical therapy helped me with this but it's costly. I was taught how to release those spasms by myself. Heat or cold wraps can help.

    So many things can keep the triggers going, stress is only one of them. Proper head alignment is important.

  • My head feels a little hot now so i keep thinking i have cancer and it's making me panic

  • Agora1 thank God for you bc your helping me alone with my kids

  • Think about it for a minute if u wake up with something on your mind thats worrying you your body going to react to it are your muscle tens in your back around your shoulders yes it will last as long as your tense

  • My head just feels bad a little hot and it's all i can focus on and now I have started to feel sick with no appetite which isn't helping

  • Have u been outside in the heat ot your house/ apt has no air i avoid the heat at all cost it msles me feel bad

  • Yes i have been in the heat trying to get some fresh air and not be stuck in doors but it's very hot

  • I get in my car cut the air on go to the store walk around a bit & go back in the house you should wait until it cool off then go outside

  • I just feel like it's never going to cool off as it has been constant for 1 week now

  • How are you today hope your headache & your worrying is gone how was your Dr visit my MRI was normal 👍 thats a plus

  • Headache is still here and felt really sick today, i will go doctors tomorrow and that's great news :) I'm very happy for you, I'm sure that's put your mind at rest a little

  • Sorry to here that u have ither symptom with your headache could it be migraines??

  • Hope you get some

  • I don't know i am not sure a migrane can last all day 24/7 and for 1 week now, the thing is it's not severely painful but it's just there 24/7 and its effecting me

  • Oh so its more like pressure just in your head not throbbing or pounding ive had that from time to time feels like my head is full idk where its coming from but regardless of the CT scan & mri being normal thats how i want to feel normal again! Its affecting my BP

  • It throbs a little but nothing major like i have to lay down or close my eyes or anything, i just forgot what normal feels like and wish i take it for granted, i just hope this head feeling stops :(

  • I totally understand where you coming from i pray inside alot to ask God to relieve me of any worrying i"m doing without knowing but to wake up & feel no pain or worrying would get the 2nd best gift beside waking up thats all i ask for us right now just me hope you feel better soon

  • I hope so as well, i will go to the doctors this afternoon and yes it just doesn't help that as soon as you wake up you feel ill and a headache, it's hard to stay positive

  • I feel like that now thats went to the bathroom & now cant go back to sleep for this slight head pressure dont know if its a sinus headaches my nose stopped up but i try my best to stay positive its very hard to do when this how you feel all day take deep breath & try to stay calm as you possibly can relax in your head not just your body i caught myself lastnight while i was trying to sleep getting tensed in my head then i relaxed so i'm unaware of some of this tension i"m causibg myself

  • I just generally feel unwell all day everyday and this head feeling doesn't go away so i just find it difficult to believe that anxiety can do this for this long, i just help it's not bad and the doctor can make me feel normal again

  • Hey how are & did you see your. Dr ik thats my story if only i can feel normal again i wont complain about my back ache or the little things i complain about just to be normal hope all is well with u

  • Went to the doctors and he gave me Amitriptyline tablets and i have read up on them and worrying about the side effects and scared to take them, still have this headache and he thinks it's from anxiety but he didn't do any tests on me or anything and wasn't very friendly so i don't think much with resolved, i read that Amitriptyline help mostly with sleep but i don't have problems with that, just these stupid headaches. How are you feeling?

  • I Dont understand if you. Saying something to deal with your head why not do test my head not hurting just this weird feeling of pressure & ear been clogged so its one of those days & my face is broken out with acne something ive never had i was thinking its stress or the lorazepam for stress causing it idk

  • I wanted doctor to test my temputure and my blood pressure but he did nothing

  • How they didnt test your BP or temp thats the 1st thing they do if i were you if i continue to feel that way go the ER they will run the test that needs to be done i went thats how i got the CT test done

  • Same thing here, I also have been having headaches for months every afternoon pretty much. Mine are combination tension/ migraine. My MRI was negative, I do a lot of neck stretches/ use a heating pad to relax ( this seems to relieve the pain somewhat). Mine might be related to med side effects , I am not sure,,. I am considering going on amytryptaline which is an antidepressant which is for headache releif and chronic pain. Ibuprofen also helps but I am not supposed to take that with celexa, I heard sometimes muscle relaxants also help to relieve the pain, I also have a good chiropractor who does deep tissue massage and pain releif methods, I do feel like my headaches are better but I wish they would be gone by now!

  • I learned that the tension headaches also. Comes from your neck and your breathing try do deep breathing because your breathing could be too shallow or too fast

  • Ok thanks for the tip! Havnt had 1 today thank God havnt been letting nothing get to me or worrying & thats not a easy job not to its a job in itself to worry (smile) i am this how i"m.maintaining & i just took a nice deep breath thanks!!

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